A Peek at Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special Table Read – Ten and Eleven, Together At Last

Speculation has been rife for months (years!) as to what the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who would entail. In a world like Who’s, pretty much anything is possible. And when you’ve got 8 of the actors who’ve played the Doctor still kicking around, and multiple Doctor episodes in the shows history . . .well, people were bound to speculate.

So just in time for filming to start up on the special, the BBC finally put us out of our misery with the announcement this past Saturday that David Tennant would be reprising his role as the Tenth Doctor, along with one of his companions, Billie Piper (Rose Tyler).

And the internet did rejoice.

65332_629976303683067_1511501028_nNow we’ve got our first look behind the scenes as the cast got together on Monday to perform the table read for the special (yep, the BBC made them work on Easter Monday, how scandalous!).

So cue the speculation. With Rose there, is it safe to assume this is the half human Doctor and Rose from the parallel universe? How will the two Doctors respond to each other? How will Ten 2 dress now (without the TARDIS wardrobe the suit must have been destroyed by now, right?)? How will Rose react to her third incarnation of The Doctor? How will The Eleventh Doctor react to Rose (he likely is no longer in love with her, but he would still care about her)? How will Rose and Clara react to each other? And will there be a fight over which Doctor gets to control the TARDIS?

We’ve got nearly 8 months with which to speculate, as the 50th Anniversary special will air on BBC One and BBC America on the 23rd of November. 50 years to the day the show premiered.