Revolution S1, Ep11 – The Stand

At the Rebel HQ, the group decides to take the information and hunker down. They’re either going to kick some Militia ass or go out as proud Americans. If only Rachel and Miles could get there in time… Unfortunately, our heroes are tied up and at the mercy of turncoat John. He’s contacted Randall, who is on his way. Apparently, he’s gotten into the Tower, which Rachel doesn’t take too well. Miles the badass hasn’t kicked anyone’s ass in a while so he gets loose, smacks John around, and steals all his weapons. Just feel lucky you’re alive, dude.

Neville goes back to talk to Monroe; he tells them they’ve found Charlie and company. Sebastian doesn’t blink – blow the camp to hell. He wants to talk about feelings for a moment – why is Neville so twitchy? His son is dead, Tom replies. Metaphorically of course, though there might be a heart in there somehow. At least he didn’t announce his son is a traitor.

Before the Black Hawks arrive, Charlie pulls Danny aside. She plays the big sister card without guilt. All their lives, she’s looked after him. She spent months trailing him, fighting to get him back. When the shots start she needs him to hide. He promises and the foreshadowing gets louder…

Danny's heroic last stand. Goodbye Red Shirt.

Danny’s heroic last stand. Goodbye, Red Shirt.

The Black Hawks attack the rebel camp. Everyone scatters to the barricades as shots pierce the building and the surrounding bunkers. As the fight rages on, Miles and Rachel arrive via horse and buggy – but packing massive heat. Miles grabs the missile launcher and prepares to shoot down the copter housing the amplifier (which is giving both of them power), but gets knocked out. Danny sees the launcher and runs out into the open to pick it up. He faces down the Black Hawk bravely, setting off a missile to blow it up. Impact! But before anyone can celebrate, the other copter begins to spin out of control, firing its guns wildly. A number of them hit Danny in the chest and he falls to the ground, dead.

Charlie and Rachel are devastated. Rachel blames herself, but Charlie says there was nothing they could have done. He made up his mind. But now? Now their goal is simple and clear. They’re going to kill Sebastian Monroe. They’re going to help the Rebels, any way they can, to defeat him. For Danny.

Back in Philly, Sebastian isn’t in the mood to chat with anyone, but apparently a man is there to see him. A man who arrived in a Cutlass Sierra. Intrigued, he has his visitors shown in. It’s Randall and John Sanborn. Their message: “How can we help you?”

This cannot end well.

Charlie's world crumbles yet again.

Charlie’s world crumbles yet again.

Danny’s dead body lies on a table. Rachel, crying, touches him tenderly, then pulls out a knife. She sobs as she cuts into her dead son, extracting a tiny blue capsule. A blinking capsule.

Wow. What started out a little slow (even with Black Hawks and explosions) ended with an unsurprising but painful bang. Danny had red shirt written all over him – after all, his purpose was served after he was rescued, and now his death once again propels Charlie into action. She’s on a mission now, but the end of the road isn’t reuniting with her beloved brother. It’s about killing Monroe.

And what exactly did Rachel pull out of Danny? We’ll just add that to the list of stuff Rachel isn’t sharing with the class. How long before Charlie stops letting that slide?

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