Revolution S1, Ep11 – The Stand

How many lives does Charlie have exactly?

How many lives does Charlie have exactly?

And we’re back! It’s time to take “The Stand” with our returning heroes of a distant and dark future (don’t worry – most people still look like supermodels) as Revolution returns after a long hiatus with a kickass episode.

So very long.

Three months after we left Charlie, Miles, and the gang staring down the barrel of Sebastian’s newly powered Black Hawk helicopters, we return to that exact moment. Shock, fear, and holy heck all at once. No worries though, they manage to scurry away as gunfire erupts.

..into a diner which quickly gets blown to heck. No worries. They’ve been hiding in the walk-in freezer and escape the wreckage. Whew. Apparently the nine lives things regenerated because they seem to be dodging death left and right!

Yes, that was foreshadowing.

Neville apparently got out of the closet (literal, not metaphorical) and reports to Sebastian that they found no bodies in the wreckage. Which either means they’re all dead or they’re totally not dead at all. Screw it, says the All-Powerful Monroe, still glassy-eyed from his smack fight with Miles. Send the Black Hawks to blow up the nearest rebel camp to start things off. Oh, and if anyone sees Miles and his band? Kill ’em on sight.

After trotting past the militia disguised as dead bodies and soldiers (that militia brand of Charlie’s keeps coming in handy), the Mathesons, Aaron, and Nora hug it out in the woods. Reunited and it feels so goo…hey Rachel? Where have you been and what did you do? This chat is interrupted by the sound of helicopters overhead. From the direction they’re heading, the group deduces they’re heading towards the Westchester Rebel Camp.

That they are. And everyone there is quickly killed.

Rachel reacts badly. This is her fault – she gave Monroe the power and now everyone’s danger level went up about a thousand percent. She has to do something, like, say, helping the rebels get power for themselves? She has a former friend who lives close by, and he has weapons that will help them even things out a bit. She and Miles – with some UST that raises Charlie’s eyebrows – leave as the rest of the group head for the Rebel HQ in Annapolis.

Flashback time: Little Danny is in the hospital, comforted by Rachel and Ben before he’s taken away. She is frantic – should they really be allowing this procedure? It’s never been done before. But apparently it’s Danny’s only chance to stay alive…

On the road, Miles and Rachel share a moment. He never would have left her if he’d known she was alive. But he saw her dead body! They embrace, but Rachel ends it, pulling away. What’s going on there?

At the Rebel HQ, the good guys already know the militia is planning to attack. They have a plan – mostly it’s the “Alamo” strategy – but Charlie has faith in her mother and uncle. They’ll get the weapons and the Militia will get a surprise.

The cold efficiency of the Militia continues its magic as Neville “questions” then executes a rebel prisoner. Jason watches in quiet horror, a feeling that grows when he spies Charlie through his binoculars at the next camp on which they’re planning an air strike. He refuses to help his father anymore. This isn’t war, this is slaughter – families, children. Dad doesn’t take kindly to his son’s disobedience; they exchange violent blows and Neville kicks the crap out of Jason, leaving him bleeding on the ground. He declares him disowned and dead to him. Wow.

Miles and Rachel chill in the basement of cool weapons with her old pal John Sanborn. John likes to tinker with rocket launchers and such. John, it seems, has a pendant. While Miles shops with delight, John chats with Rachel until things turn sideways and he announces that Randall has gotten to Grace. And him. He knocks our heroes out with a sonic canon.

Miles has graduated from swords to missile launchers.

Miles has graduated from swords to missile launchers.

In the woods, Charlie runs into Nate. Who clears things up: his name is Jason Neville. Charlie visibly reacts. He warns her of the incoming air strike and gives her an ETA. He also swears that he’s done with the Militia. Still obviously conflicted about him, Charlie thanks Jason for the intel and then leaves him in the woods. Sorry that he has nowhere to go, but she’s not ready to bring him home to the rebels. She just doesn’t trust him.

Somewhere out there, Randall stalks around a fully powered outpost. He has Grace working full time – under armed guard – to get the elevators working. He has to get to level 12. I don’t think we want him to do that.

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