New Iron Man 3 TV Spot Reveals Character Spoiler

Iron Man 3 movie logo

A new TV spot advertising the upcoming Iron Man 3 reveals something very interesting about one of the characters. SPOILER ALERT!

It looks like Pepper Potts is going to be donning Tony’s suit, at least temporarily. Remember that trailer they released before, the one that showed one of Tony’s suits crouching over him in a provocative way? That wasn’t his suit gaining sentience and trying to get a bit of Stark-action, that was Pepper. Now it all makes sense! Shed a tear for the now dashed hopes of the Tony/suit shippers, and check out the preview below:

Iron Man 3 premieres May 3 in the US, April 26 in the UK, and April 25 internationally in IMAX. What do you think of the latest preview? Looking forward to seeing Pepper get to kick butt? Let us know in the comments below!