Veronica Mars: The Movie? It May Finally Happen

Veronica MarsIt’s been nearly 6 years since Veronica Mars was canceled by the CW after only 3 seasons. Ever since then it’s star, Kristen Bell, and creator, Rob Thomas, have been lobbying to get a movie made.

Well, it might finally happen.

Only, there’s a catch. Warner Bros, who own the rights to the show, have decided that a traditional film follow up won’t work for them. The production money, publicity – they feel there just isn’t going to be enough of a return on their investment to make it worth their money. And it’s hard to blame them really, when you have Firefly/Serenity as an example. The film followup to the fan favorite series from Joss Whedon may have made it’s money back and then some, but it was hardly a blockbuster.

So Thomas & Bell have come up with a plan. Starting today, and running for 30 days, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the film. If within those 30 days fans contribute at least $2 million, Warner Bros Digital Distribution has agreed to put the film into production to be filmed this summer. The $2 million would cover the cost of the low-budget film, and WBDD would pick up the cost of marketing and distributing the film. It’ll have a limited theatrical run before moving to Video on Demand, iTunes, and other digital platforms.

If the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t reach it’s goal? No movie.

This is it Veronica Mars fans. Your one chance to finally see your favorite miniature heroine on a silver screen, for her final foray.

So pledge your dollars! Do it for the good of the people! Veronica Mars was taken from us far too soon. So let’s give her a proper sendoff, shall we? There’s all kinds of incentives depending on what you’re willing to pledge – from an exclusive T-shirt to a speaking part in the film. So do what you can to help this happen. From one VM fan to another.

Note: in the 5 or so minutes it’s taken me to write this post the Kickstarter has gone from $100k to $250k. Go VM fans!

From Entertainment Weekly.