Glee S4, Ep 15 – Girls (and Boys) on Film

The “Stop Ginger Bullying Club” is in trouble, mostly because it doesn’t exist. Finn and Artie – in ginger wigs – are chatting with Emma’s parents, imploring their help. Papa Pillsbury doesn’t think the two smell like gingers (they smell like pennies, and Momma Pillsbury likes to stick her head in a bowl of loose change when she’s missing him…) and is suspicious, but eventually they wear the pair down. He gives them the address where Emma is.

Snowed In Part Two: God, It’s Uncomfortable In Here continues in Bushwick. Everyone but Santana wants to keep watching the movie, and she uses the house vote (she lost) to ask about Brody again. What? Do missing drug dealers not get a vote? Rachel has had enough, and dials her boyfriend for confirmation that he’s not out dealing to snow plow drivers. Brody picks up and then quickly weasels off the line. He’s with a friend! Bye! Santana mimes some coke snorting and Rachel does not look so sure anymore.

Sugar wants Batdance with a Howard the Duck dance, but instead the boys present a brilliant mash-up of “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins from Top Gun and “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Bob Seager from Risky Business, complete with flight suits for Blaine, Artie and Joe, and pantlessness for Sam, Ryder, and Brody. With the girls screaming in horror/excitement, the number plays out with a great sense of playful fun. How can you beat aviators and white crew socks in one scene? And the songs are perfect together.

Material girls dig diamonds and we dig the New Direction girls in pink.

Material girls dig diamonds, and we dig the New Direction girls in pink.

Next up: The girls, who first must primp in the ladies’ room before their big number. Kitty, possibly under the influence of all that hairspray and a lack of ventilation, tells Marley she’s sorry for all the terrible things she’s done over the past six months. God clearly has some work to do on her and besides, they’re both dating Puckermans and will probably end up related to each other so you know…let’s be friends. Marley falters a bit at the dating Puckerman thing, because okay Kitty, don’t tell anyone, but Ryder kissed her! Kitty – who had her fingers crossed behind her back – is shocked, but recovers quickly. She tells Marley she’s not a slut for liking both of them (Um…thank you?) and it’s cool. As the perfect intro to their song, Kitty tells Marley boys are dirty lumps of coal, but some turn into diamonds. Why not collect them as many as you can?

With Marley and Unique on lead – and they sound terrific together – the lovely ladies of New Directions mash-up Madonna’s “Material Girl” and “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” a la Marilyn Monroe. This is another Moulin Rouge number and it’s fabulous fun, with old school glamour and sweeping black fans.

In New York, the polar ice caps have broken as Kurt dances alone in a NYADA studio. Adam joins him and there’s some awkward banter as he tries to express disappointment they didn’t have more alone time, and Kurt talks about melting snow. Finally Adam pushes the issue – was that their song, his and Blaine’s? Things slide to tense as Kurt braces himself for the questions he’s been avoiding. Is Adam a rebound? No! Is Kurt still in love with Blaine? Kurt evades and says he desperately wants to be over Blaine – which indicates he is very much not over Blaine. Adam, however, decides he hears a door opening, and he grabs Kurt’s hand. How about they find a movie to call their own? Kurt’s throat moves but sound doesn’t come out, his expression frozen. Time to make some decisions, Mr. Hummel.

Emma, Emma, let down your ginger hair. Your hero awaits.

Emma, Emma, let down your ginger hair. Your hero awaits.

Finn is still on his compulsive mission to get Will and Emma back together, clearly fueled by his own guilt. He implores Mr. Schue to take his information and go get Emma. Be the hero, be the guy who shows up and sings to the girl until she understands how he feels. Finally, Will bends and takes the kids on a field trip. Replete with an 80’s boom box, he approaches Emma’s sister’s house with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” from Say Anything, recreating the big dramatic moment in hopes of getting his missing love’s attention. With Unique and the kids on back-up vocals, he sings his heart out until she peeks out the window.

Emma thinks he’s crazy, but Will just wants to talk. He sends the kids away (do they get extra credit?) and settles down for a chat with his runaway bride.

She admits that when he got back she felt they didn’t know each other anymore. He would have liked this information beforehand, like maybe when he wasn’t standing up at the altar? She apologizes and they agree to start over. Maybe a date Friday night?

Santana and Rachel are alone at the loft and Ms. Lopez’s usual snipe level is much lower. She wants to talk to Rachel about something else she found during her snooping. A used pregnancy test. Rachel bursts into tears and Santana comforts her. Can we just find out if it said positive or negative?! Between the pregnancy and Brody’s potential drug dealing, I’m starting to feel like I’ve fallen into a 90210 episode.

Back at McKinley, Jake invites Marley to the pottery studio at McKinley that no one’s ever seen. He’s sorry about Valentine’s Day – that was all Ryder. So this is him. He wants to recreate a scene from her favorite movie, Ghost. So with the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” as the soundtrack, Jake makes his big gesture. Except? Instead of Whoopie Goldberg turning into Patrick Swayze, Jake keeps turning into Ryder in Marley’s imagination. Uh oh. Seems like that kiss wasn’t something that you forget all the easily.

Marley can’t do this anymore. She pulls away and confesses all to Jake. It goes over like a lead balloon and he storms out. 90210 indeed.

In the choir room, Will announces the winner of the mash-up. It’s…everyone! This also goes over badly, as Ryder throws things, Blaine rolls his eyes, and Unique declares it a shame. But before anyone can send Will back to D.C., Artie points out that it was his doing. He needs talented bodies for his film, “Hollywood Hootenanny,” which one hopes is a working title, and therefore everyone gets a part! This calms the ruffled feathers as Will asks to speak to Finn.

Who looks slightly terrified.

But no, Will just wants to thank Finn for his assistance in finding Emma and beginning to repair their relationship. It becomes too much for Finn to bear and he confesses all – well, all being a quick kiss with Emma. He begs Will to do something; a punch would probably make him feel better, but Will just walks away silently.

Guys, I’m worried about Will and Finn (Winn?)…

To close out the episode, we have another delightfully high-energy number from New Directions. “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins from the movie of the same name plays out on a simple stage with all the kids in black jeans, tee shirts, and Chucks. There’s some great choreography involving a sit-down kick line and scaffolding dancing (it’s a thing); it’s the ideal way to end this movie magic salute.

Whew! That was a big, vibrant ride, with lots of great singing and dancing, and some emotional fall-out that still hasn’t stopped falling! Is Rachel pregnant? What will Kurt choose to do? Is the Ryder/Jake bromance over forever? Will Finn and Mr. Schue get back together?!

Stay tuned folks. We’re getting closer to the end of the season and something tells me we haven’t seen anything yet.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Artie and Finn pretending to be gingers was hilarious.

What made me sniffle: Kurt’s tears as he comes back to reality. It’s getting harder to pretend things are fine.

What made me side-eye: Marley trusting Kitty. Really?

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Come What May” is everything perfect about Darren Criss and Chris Colfer singing together. But then all the others songs notch in at second place.  A great week for music.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Blaine versus Sue? A boy band mash-up? Is it Thursday yet?

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