Star Trek Into Darkness Opening Earlier in UK

Star Trek Into Darkness poster featuring Benedict Cumberbatch eyeing the devestation he created

Kirk and Spock on the bridge of lens flaresI love the British. Their shows are brilliant, their actors are talented and attractive, and you just can’t go wrong with those accents. But I now have a reason to hate them, and not just because of that whole taxation without representation thing: Star Trek Into Darkness will be opening May 9 in the UK, a week before it opens in the US. Not only do they get to see it before we do, but if you don’t want to be spoiled then you’ll have to avoid all major social media sites until it comes out in the US. (If I find out before I see the movie that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a time traveling Sherlock or something, I will go Khan on them. From hell’s heart I stab at thee!)

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 17 in general theaters in the US, May 15 in IMAX, and, alas, May 9 in the UK. Are you one of the lucky people who’ll be seeing this before me? Or are you cursed to be a week behind in finding out who Cumberbatch really plays? Let us know in the comments below!