Glee S4, Ep13 – Diva

Tina takes Diva deep into Unstable territory but does so in a fetching pink leotard.

Tina takes diva deep into unstable territory, but does so in a fetching pink leotard.

In the hallway, Tina unloads a round of pissed off at Blaine, for his not appreciating her love and devotion. He’s still a little fuzzy from the cold, and also – huh? That’s enough of that, because Tina is about to get all Madonna epic in the courtyard in front of the student body, New Directions, and a bunch of dancers I don’t think actually attend the school.

With the ladies of ND helping out in similarly funky attire, Tina sashays around to “Hung Up,” which seems both a Diva Week entry and a chastising to Blaine, who is about as confused as he was during that locker room Jesus Christ Superstar moment from “Naked.”

But it’s a fun and fabulous number, with Jenna bring just enough mad as hell to take it to the next level. There’s even breakdancing! And a quick change into some fierce leathers.


Instead of taking a bow or accepting praise from a blown-away Finn, Tina just makes an exit. She doesn’t care about the applause – she knows she was fierce.

And that? Is the definition of a diva.

Despite Tina’s recent questionable life choices, it’s nice to see Jenna getting screen time and a nervy story as well. Tina’s been mad for a while, and what’s wrong with that?

To everyone’s surprise (Brittany’s “She never wins anything” is delicious), Tina wins the coveted trophy and has a rare moment of happy, shining in the applause as she clutches the little trophy. Come on Tina! Turn it around!

Her day gets better as Blaine approaches her in the hallway with a chocolate rose. He’s sorry if he’s taken her for granted, and would she do him the honor of attending the Wemma nuptials with him? Of course, she says, the logical light of rational thinking rapidly being replaced by Blaine Freaking Anderson asking her to a wedding with a chocolate rose. Jeeze, Blaine, not helping at all.

Emma, it seems, has hit a wall and is spiraling. Finn finds her in her office having a complete meltdown, and this time it’s not about seating charts or flowers or the wedding. It’s the marriage and her past failure at it and her fears – everything blows up into a messy bout of hyperventilating and tears. Finn tries to calm her down with words, then touch, and then resorts to – a kiss.

They’re both shocked and Finn exits stage left in a cloud of regret and terror.

Back in New York, Rachel is in mourning for her bright shining Diva light. She’s taken to wearing a grandpa sweater and roaming the halls of NYADA sadly. Her old hangers on try to jump on Kurt’s band wagon, but while he may have the chops and the attitude and the hair, Kurt is not a diva at heart. He’s not interested in their fawning and tells them to take a hike. They’re only kissing up to talent because they know they can’t compete. Okay, maybe he is a true diva.

Next up, fixing Rachel. He reaffirms their friendship and his belief that she’s an incredible talent. Who else can be Rachel Berry but her!? No one, that’s who. And to prove their awesomeness, they’re signed up for the Funny Girl auditions in a few weeks. Together. They hug it out.

Sometimes Brittany is the smartest person in Ohio.

Sometimes Brittany is the smartest person in Ohio.

Brittany confronts Santana on her pack of recent untruths. She knows Elaine isn’t her girlfriend, but a prop to make her jealous. And she knows Santana isn’t at school anymore. And for the record? Brittany’s staying with Sam. He makes her feel smart and happy and it’s all good. What Santana needs is a new start and a new girlfriend – not a best friend though, because she already has one of those.

It’s time for Santana to spread her wings and find her new place.

Taking Brittany’s advice, Santana realizes what she has to do – it’s time to pack her bag and take that magical carpet ride to New York, a place as big and vibrant as she is.

With Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” Santana Lopez exits Ohio stage left for the next leg of her journey. In an episode with three numbers on lead, this is clearly the best one of the lot. Naya’s voice is perfectly suited for the song, it fits the story perfectly, and the transitional element of it puts it in the top ten of the year.

Welcome to What’s Next Santana Lopez!

Through the magical portal between Ohio and New York (seriously, the frequent flyer miles), Santana walks into the shiny expanse of the city, and heads for Ohio East aka the Hummelberry loft. Knock, knock and Kurt opens the door to find his old schoolmate there with a slinky smile and a suitcase.

Guess what? She’s moving in!

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: The Diva antics backstage during the “Diva” fantasy were hilarious.

What made me sniffle: Tina’ s hopelessness.

What made me side-eye: The NYADA Diva-off and quick Hummelberry fight resolution. Contrived.

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Diva” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” are toe tappers. “Girl on Fire” is epic.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Who doesn’t love a wedding?!

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