Glee S4, Ep13 – Diva

Now Finn is bringing in the big guns for Diva Week – hey, it’s Santana, back again from Kentucky! It’s a good thing she broke up with Brittany because of the distance.


Santana has brought some hot friends and they quickly entertain the crowd with “Nutbush City Limits” by Ike & Tina Turner. There’s butt wiggling and hair flipping, and the heterosexual males are now completely okay with not singing this week.

Naya brings it big time for a fast, fun, and sexy number.

At the end, Brittany runs to give her ex a hug. Why didn’t she tell her she was coming? Santana counters with a “why didn’t you tell me you were dating Sam?” response and then gives her “new girlfriend” Elaine a big fat kiss on the mouth. Ouch.

Emma’s still in a tizzy over wedding prep. Will (still in D.C.!) isn’t helping her with decision making and it’s got her flustered. So a visiting Finn helps her make a centerpiece choice: white, because the color is pure like her. Hmmm….

It's Sam vs. Santana for Brittany's heart though I think that's not really for them to decide...

It’s Sam vs. Santana for Brittany’s heart, though I think that’s not really for them to decide…

Santana has some business to conduct. She meets with Sam in the auditorium for some Brittany-related dueting on “Make No Mistake (She’s Mine)” by Barbra Streisand and Kim Carnes. They both clearly love Brittany and sing their hearts out. The girl in question watches from a distance, clearly torn and moved. At the end, Sam tells Santana he knows she loves Brittany, but she has to realize he’s what’s best for her and she should let go. Santana says, “Never.”

Tina and Blaine chat at his locker. He’s gotten sicker and she’s in the dumps about picking something for Diva Week. She’s tired of being seen as sweet! (Not the word I’d use this season. Anyway…) Blaine tells her to come over his house later on – he’s totally going to help her pick the perfect song! Her face lights up. Tiiiina. Loneliness makes you do crazy things, and Tina’s ticket has been punched for another leg on this journey.

In Blaine’s room, he serves a snacks on a little tray as Tina checks out the Shrine to Kurt set of photos on his bedside table. She wants to know if he’s ever been with a girl, but no, he’s a “gold star gay” unless kissing Rachel Berry counts. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. He loves woman – their bodies, their hearts. But it stops at appreciation; there’s no attraction. Tina doesn’t appear to be hearing this in the right way and they move onto song selections. Blaine is encouraging and friendly – and then very sleepy as cold medication sets in. He curls up on the bed as Tina takes this moment to bare her soul.

Okay, so maybe they will never have sex, but what about love? She’s in love with him and maybe they could have something…

Unfortunately, Blaine has missed all of this because he’s passed out cold. Tina looks at him with an incredibly sad expression and then – in a move that no doubt divided audience and critics alike – begins to unbutton his shirt. She then straddles his stomach and begins to rub vapor ointment on his chest. The emotion gets to be too much and she starts to cry. In the end, she curls up next to him, heartbroken.

It’s a rough scene in many ways. We cringe at Tina’s invasive actions and her wrong mindset. We want to stand up for Blaine, who has no idea what’s happening to him. Tina has officially lost her way, and I hope she figures out how to get off this path before she ruins her friendship with Blaine and does something from which she can’t come back.

In the dark recesses of NYADA, a group of people we don’t know plus the entire NY cast (Kurt, Rachel, Brody, and Kurt’s friend Adam) sit in hushed anticipation. This is for all the marbles! Winner takes all the glory! Loser has to wear a bag over their head and be a set painter for four years! Or something like that.

Kurt and Rachel get the song “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables to sing. Intercut to be a true duel, the two sing their hearts out before the enraptured crowd. This is their wheelhouse: soaring notes and dramatic intonations. Hate to be the one who decides the winner! The judges are some of those fawning over Rachel earlier…

In the end, by the narrowest margin ever, the winner is: Kurt.

Sue has a chat with Santana, who apparently didn’t bother going back to school. Oh wait, that’s because she dropped out months ago! Apparently no one knows – just like we don’t know where she’s been living and how her parents are so in the dark. Gloria Estefan seemed like a really involved parent, you know? So how about Santana comes back to McKinley to take over Sue’s job as the head of cheerleading? I’m sure you don’t need schooling for that. (See: Finn.) Sure, says Santana. That way she can be near Brittany!

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