Glee S4, Ep13 – Diva

Glee takes on an important social issue of our day – Divas.

In New York, Kurt is living the daily hell of one Ms. Rachel Berry, who has taken the diva concept to new heights. In his voice-over we learn that since her triumph at the Winter Showcase she has moved into insufferable territory, what with her morning vocal exercises, tub-clogging hair extensions, and Brodytogetherness. He’s also a little mad that their friendship is suffering, as she’s surrounded herself with an adoring group of fawning fellow NYADAites, who are encouraging her to try out for a Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

Rachel’s dreams are rapidly becoming Kurt’s grumpy nightmares.

Back at McKinley, poor Emma is trying to manage her upcoming wedding to Will (who is stil in D.C.) and her own myriad of day-to-day anxieties. Finn stops by for a friendly visit. Much like Emma, he’s feeling a bit wobbly in Will’s continued absence. Does ND have the drive to win Regionals? Emma suggests a contest, much like Will used in the past, like when he couldn’t think of an actual teaching assignment…

Hey kids, gather round. We're going to learn about divas!

Hey kids, gather round. We’re going to learn about divas!

Emma joins Finn in the choir room for some assistance to announce their contest idea, which gives Jayma Mays an absolutely hilarious bit as she reads the Urban Dictionary definition of a Diva, then launches into a story about how she is considered one at various local restaurants. It’s brilliant.

Now, the kids are more interested in what the Diva Contest means. While Blaine tries to remind them that men can be divas too, a argument breaks out between Unique, Tina, and Marley (with a Hedwig reference for the win!), which segues into one of the best musical fantasy numbers we’re seen on Glee in a very long time.

Unique lets out the first few power notes of “Diva” by Beyonce and a trail of New Directioners skip out the door.

Blaine, Brittany, Tina, Marley, Kitty, and Unique whip into a colorful backstage world of leather, furs, couture gowns, and enough hairspray to kill everyone in Ohio. As other Glee kids do their bidding – and get smacked for the effort – the kids sing and swirl and rage, until they’re on the stage strutting their stuff. Everyone sounds terrific, the costumes are to die for, and it’s just A+ work all around.

When the fantasy ends, back in the choir room, Emma finishes her story about making an Applebee’s manger cry – because she is not afraid to send a dish back – and our baby divas share a look. It’s on.

The New Direction kids channel their inner divas

The New Direction kids channel their inner divas

In New York, a whole different level of competition is happening as Hummelberry reaches critical mass. Kurt is fed up and explodes all over Rachel. He could beat her any time, anywhere, with one vocal chord tied behind his back. How about the so-called “Midnight Madness Diva-Off?” Him, her, some student judges, and all the drama of Fight Club (only not really, because it’s singing…)

Rachel isn’t worried. She remembers one diva-off back in school when Kurt missed that big note in “Defying Gravity,” giving Rachel the win. Oh Rachel, that wasn’t a good idea, bringing that up.

Kurt lets Rachel know it was on purpose. He blew it on purpose, and that’s why she won. Rachel’s face falls.

At McKinley, Tina’s taken a break from Diva Week to continue her Crazy (if understandable) Crush on Blaine. He’s got a sniffly cold, so she’s made him a cold kit with remedies and medicine; they exchange cute nicknames and everyone’s sugar goes up by two points. They’re like a Care Bear version of Hummelberry with a slight Fatal Attraction vibe…

Blaine’s bound and determined to show that men can be Divas too, so he has some chicken soup, dons some Village People leathers, and entertains the choir room with a kick-butt version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” channeling Freddie Mercury. Damn Tina, what’s in that soup!?

Darren Criss is clearly having a great time and so is the rest of the choir room. They rock out and clearly come away convinced that yes Blaine, men can be divas too.

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