Revolution at The Paley Center


On Saturday, March 2, 2013, The Paley Center welcomed the cast and creators of Revolution, to get the details on the second half of the smash freshman season.


  • Jon Favreau, Co-Executive Producer
  • Eric Kripke, Creator & Executive Producer
  • J.J. Abrams, Cocreator & Executive Producer
  • Billy Burke, “Miles Matheson”
  • Tracy Spiridakos, “Charlie Matheson”
  • Giancarlo Esposito, “Major Tom Neville”
  • David Lyons, “Sebastian Monroe”
  • Daniella Alonso, “Nora Clayton”
  • JD Pardo, “Jason Neville”

Moderator: Michael Schneider, LA Bureau Chief, TV Guide Magazine

Everyone, it turns out, was delighted with their three month break. A rare luxury, it gave time for the Revolution producers to examine the first half of the season and see what worked – introducing characters the audience could connect with – and what didn’t – a little too much time treading water before getting to the big stuff.

And how will the second half of the season play out? Well, surprisingly, with answers!

  •  How about the answer to the biggest question of all? Why did the power go out? You’ll find out in Episode 13! Eric, Jon, and the writers had one question for each other – if Rachel knows, why wouldn’t she tell the others? With no good answer as to why not, they decided to tell. But it opens the door to more questions and complications.
  • We’re going to be introduced to a bigger world. How is life different in other republics? And what’s up with the Georgia President played by Leslie Hope? She’s steely and tough and should be an interesting wrench thrown into the mix. There’s also the Plain States and crazy California – we’ll be meeting these diverse people and see how the blackout has changed their corners of the world.
  • We’re going to find out more about Miles and Monroe and their long journey from best friends to bitter enemies.
  • Why did Rachel slap Miles when they met up again? What’s their history?
  • Every question that’s been asked in the first half will be answered in the second half!

What’s up with the characters?

  • Look for Miles’ constant struggles as he walks the line between villain and hero. We’ll see his past as the leader of the Militia and his present as a man with a family with whom he doesn’t quite know how to interact, but he knows he loves them. What is he willing to do for them? He is the ultimate gray character; Billy Burke tries to approach everything with the thought: is this redeemable?
  • Charlie will continue as the moral center of the show. She’s moved from innocent farm girl to badass freedom fighter. Her next task is to keep that balance and not move too far in the wrong direction. She’ll also be having some conflict with her mother, Rachel, who is now back in her life. Charlie needs answers, Rachel doesn’t have them, and despite the love, there’ll be some head-banging.
  • And what about her potential love interest? Jason Neville and Charlie share a Romeo & Juliet type story that will continue to play out. They are bonded to their families and on opposite sides of the war. Can Jason be trusted? JD Pardo thinks so. Apparently he and Charlie will be spending some time together, “exploring each other,” in the near future, so it looks like Jason may not be as devoted to his father’s cause as he hopes.
  • Captain Tom Neville is a man who likes order – the ultimate soldier. He is trying to support Monroe and has a lot invested in keeping him sane and in control. The military is his family and Neville is devoted to family. He’s also maybe listening to the whispers of his wife, who thinks he might be a better leader…
  • Monroe – of all the gray characters – is closest to the dark side! Can he be saved? This is a broken man and the most dangerous kind: an internal void that can’t be filled by all the power in the world. His motivations make him deadly. We’ll get more of how he made the journey from Miles’ sidekick to a man he was willing to murder.
  • Nora is a different sort of fighter. While she cares for Miles (and we’ll learn more about how they met and first hooked up!) and Charlie, she’s willing to sacrifice one to save many. A tactical person, she’s willing to make the hard decisions. We’ll see things develop between her and Miles.
  • Where’s Grace? What does Randall want with her?
  • We’ll meet up with Aaron’s wife again and he’ll have to deal with the fact that he abandoned her. And that he’s not the same man anymore…

The Cast and Producers shared some fun bits as well.

  • Kripke and company were sorry they weren’t able to take advantage of the Super Bowl Blackout! It would have been perfect promotion for them.
  • The show is offering up “webisodes” of extra material. They’re available at and contain canon scenes between Monroe and Neville.
  • No one’s been hurt during the intense stunt work (everyone knocked every piece of wood available at that) and they all enjoy the hand to hand work. It becomes part of the characterization.
  • Their dream stunt casting: Jen Garner as President Affleck of California of Republic.
  • Billy Burke – “It’s a little stupid how much we love working together.”
  • And finally? If the lights actually went out tomorrow? Eric Kripke would become a concubine to survive.

Revolution returns on March 25th with all new episodes on NBC!