Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast of ‘Solace’

Jeffrey Dean MorganJeffrey Dean Morgan is best known to most of us as John Winchester on Supernatural, The Comedian in Watchmen, or that guy from The Losers (which was a great movie most of you probably never saw, based on a graphic novel you probably never read). Well now he’s taking another dip in genre film with a supporting role in Solace, alongside Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell.

The film stars Hopkins as a former doctor with psychic abilities who begins working on a serial-killer case, and then discovers that the serial-killer (played by Farrell) is also psychic. Needless to say, it complicates things a bit when they can both detect the others moves before they make them. Morgan will play the FBI agent in charge of the investigation who brings Hopkins on to the case.

The film has been in development hell for years now, going through several writers before landing in the hands of Peter Morgan who penned both The Queen and Frost/Nixon. Solace begins filming at the end of May, with no release date as of yet.