The London Walk of Fame? It’s Happening, Apparently

Everyone’s heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Entertainers from Film, Television, Music, Radio, and Theatre are honored with a five pointed star with their name and a little symbol to show just what they’re being immortalized for.

Well, it sounds like London wants a part of the fun.

London Walk of FameAfter talks with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (who are behind Hollywood’s Walk and own the copyright), Music Promoter Lee Bennett has agreed to terms to bring a Music Walk of Fame to London’s Camden Town.

Building on the idea that Britain’s biggest entertainment export has been its music, the idea formed to make this walk all about musicians, (though the walk will not be dedicated to only British bands). It’ll launch this summer with 30 “discs” being dedicated and some front runners for the first dedications include artists like Blur, Elvis Prestley, and Camden’s own, Madness, with a special statue and plaque to be dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse in September, on what would have been her 30th birthday.

It’s an interesting idea, and could be fun. The idea would be to have concerts to coincide with the dedications – either from the honorees themselves, or for those who have passed on, a special tribute concert. Bennett even hopes to get some honored groups to reform for a one off show if a group has drifted apart. Something tells me his immediate thoughts were The Smiths or Oasis, but I can’t really see either of those shows happening any time soon.

The only downside I can see on this one is, why only music? It feels like a sad exclusion of the other entertainment media. Hollywood honors them all, why not allow London to represent the same for Europe? There’s a lot of entertainers who have experienced notoriety in Europe that are unlikely ever to receive acclaim and recognition in the States. Why not celebrate those people?

It’ll be interesting to see who makes that first 30. A mix of new and old, I’m guessing. Bennett says anyone with a Brit or Grammy lifetime achievement award will eventually be placed on the Walk, but it’s that first 30 that will really make or break it. So who do you think should be included?