Misha Collins Upgraded to Series Regular for Supernatural Season 9

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Castiel showing off his clean suitHallelujah! Our favorite trenchcoat-wearing angel will be back for the ninth season of Supernatural! And not just that, he’ll be a series regular, too, and Misha will be directing an episode. I’m really curious about what Misha might do when directing; this is the man who uses his twitter account to act like a dictator, and he launched the world’s largest scavenger hunt made up of tasks such as taking a photograph of a bust or statue of Nicolae CeauÈ™escu wearing a sock monkey hat. This should be interesting.

This will be Castiel’s second time as a series regular. He was saved from his originally intended demise in season four by his instant popularity with fans, and then was made a regular in season five. Afterward, he was kept on as a recurring character, but fans have long wanted him to return for more episodes each season. Now, we have our wish!

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on the CW. Excited that Castiel will be back for season 9 (and apparently survives season 8)? Wondering exactly what Misha has in store for Jensen and Jared when he directs? Let us know in the comments below!