Updates On Two Neil Gaiman Projects

Neil Gaiman with BlackBerry

Neil Gaiman is too busy for his own good. I’m starting to think he might be a vampire, because I don’t see how else he can work as hard as he does and still sleep. He has a few books due out this year, (Chu’s Day, a book for young children, has already been released), and he just made a personal introduction for one of them. Fortunately, The Milk, due out in September, is his latest children’s book, illustrated by Chris Riddell, who previously did illustrations for the tenth anniversary of Coraline and The Graveyard Book. You can watch Gaiman explain the pretty wacky plot of his book below:

But that’s not all the Gaiman-related news I have for you today. The radio adaptation of his book Neverwhere has been given an official release date. The first episode, which will be an hour long, will air March 16 on BBC Radio 4. The subsequent episodes, which will be in five half-hour installments, will start airing the following Monday, March 18, on Radio 4 Extra. Gaiman, reportedly, will be voicing a couple characters along with an amazing cast that includes James McAvoy, Anthony Head, and, because he’s attempting to take over the world via the media, Benedict Cumberbatch. For non-UK fans, we’ll be able to catch it on BBC iPlayer.

Excited about all the news? Slightly worried that Neil Gaiman and Benedict Cumberbatch will team up to conquer the world together with their sci-fi/fantasy inclinations and British wit? Let us know in the comments below!

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