BBC Develops Series about Atlantis

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A new series has just been announced by the BBC, one that’s going to fill the void left by Merlin (as in its literal time slot) and it’s called Atlantis.   Yes, it’s going to be about the famed mythological city that supposedly sank underwater.

howard overman

Howard Overman

Atlantis is being created by Howard Overman, the man behind Misfits, and also the occasional Merlin episode.  I may have had my issues with the latest season of Misfits, but I still trust Overman to deliver great scripts and fantastic characters.  I grew up loving Greek mythology (and the cheesy-yet-wonderful take on it in shows like Xena and Hercules), so I can already start to feel myself getting excited for the fall.

The show is also supposedly coming to us by way of Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps.  It’s not entirely clear who’s actually in charge: some sources are saying that Overman is a creator, and others are just pegging him as responsible for the scripts.  For now, let’s call it a joint production by all three.

The world of Atlantis is being described as a “strange, compelling realm” with “snake-haired goddesses and places so vast it was said they were built by giants.”  Given the series’ time slot, one held both by Merlin and Doctor Who, don’t expect to see a take on the darker sides of Greek mythology: this will be another family-friendly series.  We already know the lead character’s name is Jason, though whether it is he of the Golden Fleece remains to be seen.  The show will film in Wales, just like many other BBC family dramas, but it will also film in Morocco: one of the mythical locations of Atlantis.

Atlantis will begin shooting in April, though no casting announcements have been made yet.  It’ll air when Merlin used to this autumn, so expect a premiere sometime in September.

Are you excited for the new series?  Not sure how you feel, or just wish Merlin was coming back (or that Doctor Who would start up again already)?  Let us know in the comments below!