New Iron Man 3 Poster Shows Off War Machine’s New Paint Job

Iron Man 3 movie logo

If you’re bothered by films based on comic books not staying faithful to the source material, then this news might send you into a rage. (But then again, so would any comic-book-based film, if we’re being honest.) A new poster for Iron Man 3 has just been released, featuring Rhodey in the War Machine armor, but with a twist: it’s painted red, white, and blue, like the Iron Patriot armor of the comics. We’ve seen images of the Iron Patriot armor before, which sparked speculation about who would be behind the mask. Now we know they’ve combined Iron Patriot with War Machine. Let’s hope the purists won’t be too upset. You can check out the new poster below:

Don Cheadle as War Machine/Iron Patriot

Iron Man 3 premieres May 3 in the US, April 26 in the UK, and April 25 internationally in IMAX. Excited about the new armor? Mouth foaming with rage? Let us know in the comments below!