Castle, S5 Ep14 – Reality Star Struck

Here it is, the long-awaited episode with the stunning, talented Gina Torres as a guest star! While there weren’t actually as many Firefly in-jokes as one might expect (okay, as *I* expected), this Valentine’s Day-themed ep still gave me plenty to smile about.

I'm taking those hands of blue as a Firefly reference.

I’m taking those hands of blue as a Firefly reference.

While Castle tries to get Beckett to reveal what she’s gotten him for their first Valentine’s Day together, our duo investigate the death of Hannah, the young star of the hit reality TV show Wall Street Wives. Poor Hannah was found stabbed in the back with a shiny new kitchen knife. Because of hijinks on the show, Gina Torres’ Wall Street wife character is a suspect – except that she and her husband made up the affair between her husband and Hannah to grab more screentime. Oh, Zoe. Wash would not approve.

It turns out Hannah and another of the show’s young stars, a mama’s boy with the irritating name of Stone, were in love. When Stone’s on-screen fiancee Ashley discovered this, she “eliminated the competition.” I must compliment the actress who played Ashley for her excellent crazy face in her one pivotal scene. Maybe her acting might have been more convincing if she’d had more than the one scene, too.

It was fun to see Captain Gates as a reality TV show fanatic – and to see how her enthusiasm for the show compelled her to do some investigating to help out with the case herself. Her best scene? With Castle, watching Beckett interrogate Gina Torres’ character’s husband. Fantastic. Castle accidentally slipping Beckett’s V-Day gift into Gates’ jacket pocket instead of Beckett’s was also pretty darn hilarious, though I was afraid I’d have to cringe away from actually looking at the screen because of the awkwardness. So much for being the ninja of gift-giving, Castle. Those earrings were lovely, though. (By the way, does anyone think Gates really has no idea about Rick & Kate by this point? I don’t think so – although she is one of the folks at the precinct that didn’t foresee the ratings stunts the reality show cast were pulling…)

Too bad Jon Huertas wasn't in a tux, too - although I suppose that could've caused the audience to spontaneously combust.

Too bad Jon Huertas wasn’t in a tux, too – although I suppose that could’ve caused the audience to spontaneously combust.

Speaking of lovely, Tamala Jones looked absolutely amazing in her dress for her date night with Esposito. Glad those two crazy kids are back together. I’d swoon a little for a guy who spoke French to me, too, Lanie – especially since Espo didn’t butcher the pronunciation, either!

And last but definitely not least, Beckett’s sweet, romantic, very fitting gift to Castle: his own drawer in the dresser at her apartment. Aww. I can envision that one getting a lot of use from its recipient. Starting right away. As Beckett suggested. Ahem.

So, did I miss any Firefly references? Was there too little Gina Torres, or just enough? Post your thoughts in the comments below!