Spoiler for X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men First Class line up

The head of a sentinel and Wolverine from X-Men: The Last StandPrepare yourselves! Were you as disappointed as I was by that tiniest of teases in Last Stand when a certain giant robot head appeared but only in simulation? Well, get ready, because they’re not teasing us any longer. The Sentinels, the group of mutant-hunting robots, will appear in the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Creative consultant Mark Millar revealed the news during an interview with SFX, where he said:

I don’t really want to give too much away but the Sentinels are a big feature of this story. They will be cool and this will deliver on all of the teasers. We’ve all been waiting for this ever since X-Men: The Last Stand showed us one of their heads. Now it is finally coming, and we only have to pay ten quid to see it in the cinema whereas they’re having to pay $100 million to deliver it. So I’m delighted.

In the same interview, he also revealed that Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) fans “will not be disappointed.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released July 18, 2014. Can’t wait to see the Sentinels in all their giant robot glory? Let us know in the comments below!