Neil Gaiman Writing Stories With The Help Of Fans

Neil Gaiman at his house

I don’t use a BlackBerry, but if I had the money I’d go out and buy one just because they have come up with one of the greatest advertising plans ever: They have started a crowd-sourced story and art project with Neil Gaiman. Here’s how it works: Neil asked for story prompts from fans on twitter and he will take those prompts to write twelve stories, one for each month of the year, in a collection called A Calendar of Tales. When the writing’s done, Gaiman will ask for fans to provide illustrations to go with his stories. No, really. Don’t believe me, you can read the blog post he wrote or hear it straight from author’s mouth in the video below:

How awesome is that? Extremely awesome! Story prompts have closed, but the art part has yet to come, and soon we’ll be getting twelve new stories from Gaiman! Excited? Want to get involved? Let us know in the comments below!