Super Bowl Trailers for Star Trek, Iron Man 3

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster

As promised, new trailers for some of the biggest movies coming out this year premiered during the Super Bowl. A short but sweet thirty second spot for Star Trek Into Darkness showcased some intense eye-dueling between Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine, along with recycled action shots. Watch it here:

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released May 17 in theaters, but if you’re willing to pay the ridiculous fees, you can check it out two days earlier in IMAX on May 15.

There was also a short trailer for Iron Man 3, but an extended version was later released. And trust me, you will definitely want to see the extended look. Or should I say, “extensive.” You can watch that one here:

Iron Man 3 debuts May 3 in the US, April 26 in the UK, and April 25 internationally in IMAX.

Excited about the new trailers? Already planning your work schedule around the midnight premieres (who isn’t)? Let us know in the comments below!

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