Glee, S4 E10 “Sadie Hawkins”

New Directions doesn't have a choir room but they still have assignments!

New Directions doesn’t have a choir room, but they still have assignments!

Welcome back Gleeks! We have survived Glee’s Yet Another Hiatus and now return for that often terrible, “back from time off episode.” Fortunately, we got a funny and wacky, yet interesting one, with plenty of fodder for the upcoming arc…before the next hiatus. “Sadie Hawkins” is a good way to welcome Lima and New York back into our lives.

Seriously, Fox. Scheduling should not be this hard. You have to have some crappy sitcoms you can pre-empt instead of Glee.

But onward and upward.

In the halls of McKinley, Sam is following a fast-moving Blaine as he pleads the case that has been keeping him up at night: those crazy dance moves and flips the Warblers used to win Sectionals (aided, of course, by the Amazing Fainting Marley). What dark magic transformed dapper side-steppers into America’s Best Dance Crew? And where was round-faced Warbler (aka Trent)?! He was at Dalton when Blaine had his crisis of schooling – why wasn’t he with the team at Sectionals?

Blaine says Sam needs evidence, and By George, Sam is going to get some! In the meantime, can Blaine loan him some lip balm? Conspiracy theories make him chap. Blaine hands it over (I mean it’s cool, they’re bros), but is seemingly flustered by watching Sam coating his luscious lips with a waxy, cherry-flavored finish. You feeling okay there, Blaine?

Next up: Student Council meeting, with your president Blaine, vice president Sam, secretary Tina, and treasurer Sugar Motta. Blaine has a gavel with a label (he has a Martha Stewart label maker in his locker, doesn’t he?) and calls the meeting to order. Minutes? Apparently 45 of them with Sam doing a Daniel Craig impersonation.

Before the meeting can go any further, Tina has a motion. It’s 142 days til prom, when the hotties ask the hotties, and the not-so-hotties do the same, and then there’s a bunch of not-so-hotties sad and alone. Clearly the only way to combat this egregious situation is for McKinley to hold a Sadie Hawkins Dance. (For the record, Sam would totally hit that if they were locked in a bunker together).

This idea – for the girls to ask the boys – apparently came from a recent meeting of the Too Young To Be Bitter Club, where an assortment of ladies (Tina, Sugar, Becky, Dottie, and hey, it’s Lauren!) were not feeling all that appealing to the opposite sex. Time for empowerment! All in favor: everyone but Blaine.

Welcome to NYADA Kurt! You made it! Now try to survive it!

Welcome to NYADA, Kurt! You made it! Now try to survive it!

New York! Kurt is at NYADA for his first day of school, and in a voiceover reveals the most dramatic truth ever.

College? Is just like high school. With cliques and confusion and trying to figure out where you fit in. Notice they never put that in the glossy brochures and websites with green rolling hills and fresh faced students.

His bestie Rachel isn’t there to help introduce him around; she’s got a very busy schedule of being with Brody, including helping him to rehearse for an audition for Magic Mike: The Musical. It’s ideal for him, as getting paid to be shirtless is barely even work for him at this point. So Kurt realizes he needs to make new friends pronto, or else his life at the bottom of the social ladder is just starting and now costing $30k a year.

At the bulletin board, Kurt checks out the potential clubs and activities. An ad for “Adam’s Apples” catches his eye – what could they be? A quick blur of a person provides some exposition. They’re a show choir! And super fun! He should join! Sounds like just the thing for Mr. Hummel to partake in.

Back in Lima, the boys are traversing the halls, being eyed up like snacks by the women of McKinley. Damn, is this what it feels like to be on display, just waiting for someone to ask you out!? Apparently Ohio is in the middle of the country and stuck in the 1950s…

In the teacher’s lounge, Beiste arm-wrestles for fun while Finn tries to look like a grown-up. They chat about New Directions, and while Finn is delighted that they’re a group again, it’s hard to keep everyone motivated, particularly this week. No worries, says our beloved football-coaching advice-giver! Why not turn the Sadie Hawkins dance into the assignment, and help empower the ladies in Glee Club a bit? Sadie Hawkins is a metaphor for lots of things, but mostly for people who don’t want to settle for the status quo. Finn seems skeptical, but let’s be honest: would you rather arm wrestle Beiste or take her advice? Exactly.

New Directions file into a room of science where floating planets give way to a most excellent moment (Sugar: “I want to sit under Venus!” Sam: “I want to sit under Uranus!” while Blaine and Tina titter in the background). This week in Glee Club: Finn announces that the assignment is Ladies Choice. The gals can sing a song to their dance date choice. Which basically means the girls are doing all the work and the boys just have to sit there. Yeah, it’s a metaphor all right!

Kitty crawls in and purrs a few words, seemingly directed at Jake. Oh, she has some songs to sing, innuendowinknudge. Yikes. Watch out Marley, apparently Kitty has a different technique to woo the junior Puckerman, and it’s not with cold lemonade and holding hands after church.

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