New Community Promotional Video, Clips

NBC has released another promotional video for the upcoming fourth season of Community. The cast discuss their excitement for the upcoming season, and share several clips from the first episode, including the Hunger Games-esque obstacle course, a Troy/Britta fight in a water fountain, and the revelation that Jeff Winger has applied to graduate early.Community - Season 4

Watch the promotional video here.

NBC also released two clips from the upcoming season four premiere, “History 101.” The first clip sees Britta “therapizing” Abed over his anxiety regarding the first day of senior year. Watch the clip here.

In the second clip, Shirley and Annie fill Jeff’s car with popcorn as revenge against him graduating early — though it seems to have more to do with Annie’s own fears than Jeff himself. Watch the clip here.

Community returns to NBC on Thursday February 7th, at 8 PM EST.

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