TRON: Uprising on the brink of cancellation?

Yep, you read that right. The critically acclaimed show that tried to fill in some of the story between the events shown in flashback during TRON: Legacy (namely Clu’s takeover of the GRID) and the events of the film itself, may be about to air it’s final episodes.

TRON: UprisingFor fans, the story of TRON: Uprising is a frustrating one. Uprising premiered in June to high ratings, but failed to hold onto a large audience as Disney XD struggled to remain consistent with its programming. First pulling the show from it’s lineup completely just after it’s panel at the San Diego Comic Con, then when it did return again in October, the return was not well publicized and fans struggled to figure out what day the show would even air. It then was pulled from the schedule again in early November, only to return in early December, at midnight on Sundays. Not a good plan if you actually want people to watch your show.

The show has not been officially canceled by Disney XD, but nor has it been given the green light for a second season. With the last two episodes of its first series yet to air, but having ended production some time ago, it can only be assumed that that final episode may end on a cliffhanger. At the very least it looks unlikely that the story of how Tron turned into Rinzler, will be wrapped up before the end of this first series.

A petition to save TRON: Uprising has been started on as fans plea for Disney XD to renew the series (along with Motorcity). TRON: Uprising will finish out it’s series with a remaining 2 episodes due to be shown in the coming weeks. A third film in the TRON series was confirmed at the end of 2012, and may enter production by early 2014.