Fringe, S5 Ep11 – The Boy Must Live

After a bit of time to let it sink in and re-examine it, I’ll admit that this episode wasn’t perfect. Some of the moments meant to tie back into the previous seasons didn’t work as well as I wanted them to. For example, I was happy to have the white tulip come back, and I’ll happily take it as a nod to fans. But Donald’s discussion of it with Walter felt a little shoehorned in. I’m sure it will come up again next week. Hopefully, it will make a little more sense then.

I'll always ship Peter/Olivia like whoa, but I do think Peter and Walter are the most compelling love story on this show.

I’ll always ship Peter/Olivia like whoa, but I do think Peter and Walter are the most compelling love story on the show.

Other than minor quibbles, though, I really loved this episode. I wasn’t expecting quite so much Donald/September goodness, nor was I expecting to find Donald (complete with hair and eyebrows) so darn pretty to look at! I’m glad he still did some head-tilting and slightly unusual talking, but he’s even better with fully-fledged emotions. And I actually didn’t really see the reveal of little Michael as Donald’s son coming, so kudos to the show, there. I love how this show is, at its core, a story about the love of a father for his son – or, if you’d like to be more inclusive, the love between members of a family. Also, though Donald confirmed that he was talking about his son rather than Walter’s when he rescued Walter from the lake in the original timeline and told him this episode’s titular phrase, I prefer to think that he meant both: after all, now September has saved Walter and his son, and because of this Walter and his son (and Olivia) were able to save Donald’s son.

I’m also pleased that the Plan to defeat the invaders is not a magic machine that will destroy them. I must admit, seeing fan speculation when Etta died that this season’s goal was some kind of a time reset struck me as wishful thinking. But of course, stopping the invasion before it starts is something within reach on this show, and of course it would seem to be the best option. (I won’t discuss how making it so even the original Observers never exist creates so many paradoxes that the whole show as we know it wouldn’t exist – I’m guessing there will be a hand-waving way of getting around that.) Naturally, I’d be thrilled if Peter and Olivia get their daughter back. (Lalalalaaaa, not even thinking about Walter’s possible demise, nope, nobody’s hearin’ nothin’!)

Interesting fact: Michael (whoa) Kopsa, Windmark, also looks way better with hair and eyebrows.

Interesting fact: Michael (whoa) Kopsa, who plays Windmark, also looks way better with hair and eyebrows.

Oh, and Windmark: interesting that they seem to be setting him up for a fall based on him gaining some of the emotions he so disdains. I think Michael was smiling just a tad when he faced Windmark at the end there, and I think that’s because he can see how this will play out.

How about you? Any speculation as to how the finale next week will go, or how empty life will be with no more Fringe Fridays?




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