Misfits S04E08

the horsemen cometh

Greg the Probation Worker really summed up the new Misfits this week: “What’s with the strange, lingering silence?  Where’s your comic banter, witty repartee, the rebellious back-jab?” (well, I’m not sure about that last word, and Hulu’s not giving me a subtitles option).  He speaks for me, and for many Misfits fans: this is a different group than before, this season was a different sort of season, and sometimes it feels strange.  But then Greg softens to the group, just as we have.

abby pint

Abby’s rather well-adjusted for someone with no memory of her past or who she is.

I might not be as in love with this new cast as I was with the previous, but looking back on the whole season, I came to care about most of these characters in a way.  I still don’t have much time for Finn, because I really chafe at how he approaches his relationship with Jess and all the “friend zoning” issues that entails, but I actually care what happens to the rest of them.

For me, however, the real MVP’s of the season were the secondary characters: Greg, Abby, Grace (what?  I thought it was really funny when she tried to kill Finn.  Maybe my sense of humor is a bit twisted, but Misfits is the appropriate place for twisted humor).  I’m counting Abby among them, given that she didn’t get introduced until the third-to-last episode and didn’t have a major role until the penultimate one.

Her laid-back, matter-of-fact approach to the world is the best.  Two of my favorite moments of the episode wouldn’t have been the same without her: her rattling off an explanation to Greg for why everyone’s so quiet, and the group trying to plan how they’re going to break into a convent.

I’m really disappointed that the show drove a wedge into the possibility of friendship between Jess and Abby.  Not just because I wanted to see them have adventures, but for the way in which they did so: the girls are fighting over a boy, or more particularly, Jess was super catty to Abby for just talking to Alex.  I know it’s just a dream of mine to see the two become friends, but I’m upset that the primary interaction the two have had on the show all season related to tension over a man.

But hey, it’s the finale, the last episode for a year, so let’s focus on the positive.  Positive 1: the misfits running around a convent beating up on “evil bitch nuns” who turn out to be not-so evil or bitchy.  Positive 2: most definitely Greg.  He’s the MVP of the MVP’s: the fine aged wine of the season that just kept getting better with each episode.  He’s even surpassed Shaun as my favorite probation worker, because in the third season Shaun started to be a bit of a creeper.

the four horsemen

Another part of me wanted to see Greg go up against the Horsemen, but given that he probably would have ended up dead from the encounter, I’m glad it didn’t happen.

Part of me wants to know all about Greg, this angry man with the perfect delivery of his embittered lines about the world’s cruelty.  I want to know what love made him sing such soulful songs, made him feel like he was “crawling naked through broken glass and dog shit.”  The other part knows he might be best this way, storming into a scene to launch into a rage-filled ramble and be wonderful and then disappear again, as if into the mists.

Greg was the one I feared would die in this episode, as is the way of all Misfits probation workers.  Yet he lives to rant another day, and Alex will live to have a likely strange and random power.  Poor broken-hearted Rudy will survive, maybe Finn will finally move on from Jess, maybe Jess will get her own story without men, and Abby will remember more about her past than her affinity for BMX’s.  Only time, and next autumn, will tell.

Quote of the episode: “You take the pain, and you hang onto it.  You bury it deep inside you.  Do you feel it?  Because that’s it: it feels like your guts are strangling your heart.  Lap it up; it’s good for the soul.”