Misfits S04E07

don't you want me, baby?

Is there an allegory in there somewhere, a woman just tries to go for “a quiet dump,” but winds up pregnant? No? Well, this is Misfits, after all.

I got a lot of the things I’ve been asking for in this episode: more Rudy 2, an adventure with Jess and Abby (though only sort of, because the whole gang went along on both adventures), and more wackiness.  So I am one happy camper.  Especially because of the glorious moment, but I’ll get that to the end.

I’m also greedy: I want more Rudy 2, more zaniness, and more bonding between the girls.  But I figure greediness is appropriate for a show like Misfits.  I do understand why, aside from Rudy and Finn, there isn’t as much overall group bonding this season.  Our last group of misfits more or less ended up becoming friends, so it does make sense that this group has a different dynamic.

Most of the powers on the show lately have been about people being able to make happen what they most wish to happen: a woman who wanted to be a man stole Alex’s cock, a woman who didn’t want to have her baby transferred it over to Abby, last week a guy who wanted to know how many sexual partners his girlfriend had made the number appear on her forehead, etc.  Our main characters’ powers tend to reflect parts of their personality; that’s been true all the way back to the original misfits.

alex and jess

Why am I more entertained when they’re fighting? Well, if I don’t get to see Jess with her own boys-free story, at least I get to see her running around hitting people. I can work with that.

Taking those two things together, Abby’s powers-based amnesia probably means she had the sort of life she wanted to forget.  That might also explain why no one seems to be looking for her.  I don’t think we’ll get Abby’s back story this season, given that we only have one episode left, but it’s an intriguing mystery to carry over into next season.

I do wonder what Jess and Finn’s powers say about their own personalities.  Maybe Jess’s reflects her ability/desire to cut through crap and get to the heart of matters?  I’m really not sure about Finn, aside from how funny it is that his power is so terrible (or perhaps just that he’s so bad at using it).  I can’t say I really care about his; try as I might, I just can’t like the guy.  Whenever he starts to show promise, he then spends another episode being a jerk to Jess for not liking him.

Sorry, dude, but she’s always been clear she doesn’t like you.  I’m just as sick of hearing you fixate on her as everyone else was of hearing Rudy rhapsodize about Nadine.  Move on, buddy.  Why don’t you take the time to gain greater control of your power?

One point I would like addressed next week is Alex’s new self-obsessed weirdness.  I laughed out loud when he stared at himself in the mirror while having sex.  Maybe he was just really happy to have his cock back?  I don’t know, but I want Jess to have it out with him over it.  All right, so maybe I just want to indulge my violent tendencies a bit more, but this is Misfits, the perfect place in which to do so.

the best. forever.

The best. Forever.

Next week looks like it’s more wackiness with Rudy-in-love-with-a-nun and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  I seriously can’t wait.  In the meantime, I’ll entertain myself by replaying Greg’s moment of glory at the karaoke bar.  Thank you, Overman and Jon Brown (who actually wrote the episode), for such a wonderful new probation worker moment.

Quote of the week: “That was beautiful, you’ve got the voice of an angel.”  Maybe not the funniest quote, but it’s about Greg’s karaoke, and anything to do with that is my favorite of the week.