Character Names for Star Trek 2 Revealed

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster

This Friday will be a of goodies with the opening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, plus a nine minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness to be shown before Hobbit in select IMAX theaters. To tide you over until then, some new details of the upcoming Star Trek sequel have recently been released. The names of two new characters have finally been revealed. Spoilers ahoy!

Alice Eve in Star Trek Into DarknessFirst, Benedict Cumberbatch’s long debated role will be…John Harrison. No, I haven’t heard of him either, and it’s quite possible that this is just an alias of his, so the debate over who he is (and if he’ll be a certain someone whose name rhymes with Ghan) will no doubt continue. However, the second name revealed only increases the rumored connection between the new film and Wrath of Khan. Alice Eve, who you can glimpse briefly in the first trailer released last week, will be playing Dr. Carol Marcus. For anyone who needs some refreshing of their Trek history, Dr. Marcus was first introduced in Wrath of Khan, played by Bibi Besch, and she was the mother of Kirk’s son, David. Will this new timeline feature a similar romance between the two? Chris Pine, in an interview with MTV, says that there won’t be much room for romance in between all the action, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released May 17, 2013. What do you think of this latest news? Are the parallels to Wrath of Khan telling or just a red herring? Let us know in the comments below!