Misfits S04E06

we'll not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's dynamite!

Oh Killer White Rabbit, I miss you already. I’ve waited for another wacky, nonsensical villain since Le Grand Fromage (even though his wackiness decreased as his body count increased).  You probably would have gotten old or stupid the more you were used, if you graduated from lurking in what must be the most creepy and depressing apartment building hallways ever, so it’s best that the new girl off’d you.  But you really brought back my wacky glee in Misfits, and for that I will be forever grateful that Saunders got so high he hallucinated you into reality.

Alex and Jess

This is gonna be awkward…

The big developments this week were that Finn upped his number from 1 to 2, and we finally found out why Alex has been so cagey.  Let’s address the more insane development first, shall we?  I can’t decide if poor Alex’s predicament is better or worse (and by that I mean more or less funny) than Rudy’s back in season 3, when he lied to that girl to have sex with her and then she gave him a magical STD that made his penis rot and fall off.  Nah, Rudy’s was still the funniest, if for nothing else than that is the most hilarious revenge ever, and he totally deserved what he got.

Alex, on the other hand, seems to be an innocent victim.  At least based on what he shared with us, and while I can’t blame him for not wanting to be forthright, the fact remains he took three episodes to give Jess an explanation.  I can’t wait for more of Alex’s Quest to Restore His Cock, because it looks like it’ll be a crazy, funny ride.  I’m thinking maybe next week’s episode should take a page out of South Park’s book and put a counter on the screen for how many times characters say the word “cock.”  Then once Alex gets it back, he should get drunk in celebration and sing this song from Spartacus.

Both Rudy and Finn went out on a new limb this week: Rudy, in being interested in a real relationship with someone, and Finn, in learning the joys of casual sex.  Not that Finn seemed too joyful about it.  The more Finn obsesses over and keeps pushing himself at Jess, no matter how many “back off” signs she keeps putting up, the less I like him.  I actually think it could be good for him to try to experience something a bit more casual.

little bird

Rudy trains his little bird how to jump from the nest.

Most of Finn’s relationships with women have been so messed up, and I think that’s in part because they’ve been so intense.  He’s clearly the type to obsess over women, which hasn’t served him (or those women) very well.  He needs to loosen up a bit, and some no-strings-attached sex or dating could be just the ticket.  Next time, Finn, just take it somewhere classier than a wake, all right?

As for Rudy: despite the 99, Rudy’s not entirely uninterested in relationships.  When we first met him, he seemed to be trying to have one with fellow probationee Charlie, and he was still carrying scars from his one night with Alisha.  I like Rudy less when he’s being crude and shady with women (not knowing that it’s wrong to have sex with a girl too drunk to give proper consent?  I am not amused), but I know there’s more to him than that.  Nadine should bring out his more sensitive side, the lack of which I’ve been lamenting.  Bring it on next week, especially because it looks like there will be more (who’s guessing powers-related?) twisty-turns to her story as well.

But the best for last: the ladies were fabulous this week.  I really like Abby.  She seems both weak (the alcohol problem) and strong (the physical and mental fortitude needed to stab a screwdriver through something), caring (going after Jess) and disaffected (how blasé she was about stabbing Killer Bunny): a realistic, human dichotomy that I’m totally digging.


Can Jess and Abby bond and have adventures? Pretty please?

And Jess was of course wonderful, from demanding straightforwardness from Alex, to going out there to get what she wants, to chewing out Saunders for not having nibbles at his party.  I still want to see her in a story line of her own, that doesn’t relate to men/being in a relationship, but hey, I’ll take whatever awesomeness I can get.

Best running gag: Everyone obsessed over the precise breed of (killer) rabbit.

Quote of the week: “Unlike yours, which must be f–ing disgusting, like an old banana that’s been left out in the sun.”  Given Rudy’s aforementioned season 3 incident, Jess, your description’s spot on.