Fringe, S5 Ep8 – The Human Kind

Maybe I shouldn’t rejoice too much that my show is back, for fear that it will make it all the worse when it’s over for good early next year. Then again, as Olivia tells Peter this week, emotions are humanity’s strength (a worthy sentiment, and one that the Doctor, for example, would agree with wholeheart(s)edly), so: YAY!! Fringe is back!!

I mean, I could always go for more Cortexipowers, but this is still badass, and at least she talks about her powers this episode.

I must say that I was thrilled to get a more Olivia-centric episode this week, and one that displayed her awesomeness well. I think going immediately to the Resistance for another sample of Observer tech to take to Walter to analyze was very in-character. It bothers me that we didn’t get to see the exact moment of her telling Walter and Astrid what Peter did, but close enough, I suppose. And though I was annoyed that she fell for the obvious trap with the robbers, at least she escaped freaking awesomely, as is her wont (see: season one’s excellent “Bound,” or season three’s even more satisfying “Olivia” and “Entrada”).

I was not expecting Peter to show up in the lab after Walter’s unsuccessful plea to him to reconsider his course. Peter trying to explain and even tempt his father to see how he sees was nicely done, as was Walter’s insistence against it. Oh, and I must not forget to mention Astrid’s nervousness when Walter was talking about needing a human brain to test the other Observer tech thingy on – you could see her worrying that she’d be his guinea pig. Hee.

The little oracle subplot, and Olivia getting the magnet as the next part of the scavenger hunt? Eh. The guest star was all right, but I don’t feel like there was much new here. It was almost a retread of the already re-treading tree people subplot of a couple of episodes ago. The only good part was Olivia’s recital of all the amazing things she’s seen and done, because: let’s talk about cool powers! All the time!

Gross, but effective. (Which is a decent partial description of this show…)

Josh Jackson continued to impress/creep me out with his perfect emotionless-ness. Also, I’m relieved that Windmark and his gang are actually aware of Peter’s recent actions – it was going to be pretty ridiculous if Peter was just better at the tech than them, or something. And yay for another Observer fight! Just because it was obvious that making Peter remember some emotions, would be what allowed him to escape without dying didn’t make it less satisfying, IMO. Similarly, I was not and am not complaining that love brought Peter back from the brink. I will never complain about a beautiful montage of Peter/Olivia moments, either! And, perhaps most important of all: Peter’s lovely hair is safe from further Observer-danger. Let the people rejoice!

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