Supernatural, S8 Ep9 – Citizen Fang

Dean and Benny carrying knives

Benny broke my heart this episode. He just wanted to be a good guy and keep his head down during his second chance on Earth. But everyone was suspicious of him, even Dean, the one friend he thought that he had. In the end, I really thought he was going to give up his life and let Martin kill him, just so that he wouldn’t give in to the bloodlust and hurt humans again. But it looks like Benny gave in and attacked Martin instead. However, even Dean said that Martin had it coming to him. Still, does Dean really forgive Benny for killing someone? Dean told Sam that things had been taken care of, while obviously Benny is still out there and on the run. He’s still covering up for Benny, but does Dean feel let down by him? Did the one person who has never betrayed Dean finally betray him? I don’t know, but Dean can never seem to catch a break. The Winchesters can never be happy: that is the true moral of this show.

Dean hearing that Elizabeth is Benny's granddaughter

I also enjoyed Dean’s storyline because he made this face when he realized he had hit on Benny’s granddaughter.

Sure, Dean’s relationship storyline involves vampires and blood and death, but the main reason why I prefer it to Sam’s story is that it’s exploring a different kind of relationship, one that isn’t explored in every other TV show, book, and movie. Sam is seeking love, the love he never really found from his own family growing up on the road, a “normal” sort of love outside of the bonds of hunting and a revenge-driven father. Dean, however, is looking for trust, not love. That’s a big difference between these two, and it’s underlined in this episode.

Dean wants someone he can trust implicitly, someone he knows will always have his back. He had thought that was his brother, but Sam let him down. In the season four episode “Sex and Violence,” the siren that the boys were fighting didn’t try to seduce Dean by turning into a woman. Dean’s an infamous womanizer, but the siren saw through to what he really wanted: a brother, a true brother he could always count on. Dean sees the potential for that in Benny, but can Benny stay off human blood now that he gave in and killed Martin? Does Dean think he’s lost Benny now? Does he think he lost another brother to the dark side? Now that is an emotional cliffhanger I can get on board with.

Dean and Sam in the ImpalaDespite the brothers having different personal storylines boiling to the surface, they start out working together at the beginning of the episode. Dean didn’t like Sam going behind his back and putting a hunter on Benny’s trail to spy on him, but Dean listened to the evidence of what sounded like a vampire attack and decided to check things out with Sam. When Dean later asked Sam for some time to deal with Benny on his own, Sam gave him the time. They were being respectful, mature adults.

But when things hit the fan, that went out the window. Martin didn’t buy the idea of another vampire being responsible, so he knocked Dean unconscious right in front of Sam. And Sam? He went with it! He didn’t believe Dean either, so he went with Martin to go hunt down Benny. Sam knew that Benny held a special place with Dean, a place that Sam no longer held, so he thought he’d have to take care of things with Dean out of the picture. But Dean knows his brother just as well as Sam knows him, so Dean sent out a fake text, making it look like it was from Amelia calling for help. Sam bailed on Martin, stealing the car and driving straight to Amelia’s house back in Kermit. The brothers literally ended up in two different places at the end of the episode–Dean in Louisiana, Sam in Texas–but they’ve also landed on two different sides of a battle that’s been simmering under the surface for a long time. They don’t trust each other anymore. And the ultimate cliffhanger of this episode is: will they ever trust each other again?

This is a heavy episode on which to go into mid-season break, but I’ll be here waiting to see how it plays out. It was a good episode, only bogged down in my opinion by the dragging on of Sam and Amelia’s story. That’s a plotline I’ll be glad when they bury–as long as they don’t kill off Amelia. I’ve got nothing against her, just the handling of the story, but I know that the writers on this show are all a little too trigger happy. Still, I like where this season is going, and I think that this was another strong episode, even if not all of it was to my personal taste.

Supernatural will return January 16 with “Torn and Frayed,” where it looks like we’ll be getting into some more angel shenanigans. Here’s the short promo below, to tide you over for the next month or so. I’m going to go retreat into my blanket fort until I know that Sam and Dean are going to be okay again.

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