First Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness Released

Star Trek Into Darkness poster featuring Benedict Cumberbatch eyeing the devestation he created

We Trekkies know how to wait. We follow a franchise that has been going on since 1966, so we’re used to it, but waiting these past several years for J.J. Abrams’s next movie has been rough. But rejoice, for the first trailer has just been released! It’s short and we don’t really get an idea of any plot details. But we do get a voice-over from a man who should do voice-overs for everything ever: Benedict Cumberbatch. If you watch the American version of the trailer below, you’ll be left still wondering who he could possibly play:

But if you watch this Japanese version of the trailer, there may be a hint as to his identity. The trailer recreates part of an iconic (and possibly spoilery) scene, but it’s a hint that you should take with a grain of salt:

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released May 17, 2013. Are you excited? Looking forward to Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain? Still not sure who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing? Do you just like saying the name Benedict Cumberbatch? Let us know in the comments below!