Misfits S04E05

contemplative finn

This week might not have had quite the excitement of last week — the one-two punch of zombie noir and Curtis’ sacrificial suicide is a knockout — but it had some fantastic character moments.  And there’s one way in which it actually did beat last week: a new interesting female character, woohoo!

Finn and Grace

There was a more serious picture of the “new to each other” siblings, but I couldn’t resist one with Finn pulling such a wonderful face.  Also, is it just me, or does Grace kind of look like a brown-haired Amy Pond?

Grace is great, I love her.  She’s going to be good for Finn, but she also has a lot of interesting elements in her own right.  She’s a sweet, doting daughter, but also the kind of girl who would make out with a random guy she just met in a bar.

She’ll get drunk with Finn overnight, and then try to kill him the next morning.  She does it to save her father, though really she’s keeping him alive for her own simultaneous selfish and pure reasons.  In other words, she’s flawed and dynamic: a real, vivid character.  I don’t know if we’ll see more of her or not, but I really hope that we do.

This was a good episode for Finn too.  He’s still my least favorite of the new characters (I’m counting Rudy among them and I don’t have any strong feelings either way on Alex yet), mostly because he always has ulterior motives when interacting with Jess.  His relationship with Grace even played into that for a bit (i.e., as a method for getting into Jess’s pants), but his new family really forced him to start growing up.  I liked the slightly more mature Finn we saw in the latter half of the episode, and am interested to see where his character goes next.

alex and jess

Suspicious Alex is suspicious (and shady). Can Jess hit him again when she finds out what he’s up to (if it’s bad, that is)? Misfits indulges my more violent tendencies, and I love it.

As for this week’s other development: I have no idea what’s going on with Alex.  I’m not too fussed in trying to figure out what, exactly, his deal is.  Not because I don’t care, but because this is Misfits: I bet there’s no way I’d ever be able to guess.  I haven’t said this in a while, and it feels so great to say it again: I’m happy to go along for the ride.  Also, instead of those puppet shows, can we instead have some spin-off cooking shorts of Alex making dinner and Jess sending him bemused faces as he does so?  Those would be great.

Is it too soon to wish for another Rudy story?  Even though I didn’t like the specifics of what they did with it, I really liked the concept of Rudy 3.  I’m not expecting to see him again, but it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen Rudy 2, and I miss him.  He’s my favorite of the Rudy’s.

When there’s only one Rudy, is it Rudy 1, or an amalgam of both?  Based on the show’s logic/rules for the power I’d say the latter, but sometimes I wonder if it’s the former, just because we don’t really see any glimmers of Rudy 2 when there’s only the one of them.

angry greg the probation worker

Greg, you beautiful, beautiful man: never change.

I’m getting a bit off-track, except to say that the previews for next week show that we might get to see a bit of Rudy 2, because he’s the side that comes out when all the creepy stuff goes down.  Spooky numbers written on foreheads (reminiscent of the Silence counter marks in Doctor Who), giant killer man-rabbits, and the introduction of our other regular female character (Abby): I’m all in!

Moment of the week: I’ve got to cheat here a bit and go with a moment rather than a quote.  Greg’s stone-faced reenactment of the jig he danced on his father’s grave will go down in the Misfits history books as one of the all-time best probation worker moments.