The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit Hits Los Angeles

Today marks the day the final episode of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman film series, The Dark Knight Rises, hits stores on DVD & Blu-ray release. In honor of the occasion, Angelenos are being treated to a special exhibit featuring props and artwork from Batman history. Including all 6 Batmobiles, costumes and props from The Dark Knight Trilogy, and artwork commissioned by DC Entertainment, the exhibit is a must for any local Batman or film buff.

The Batmobiles themselves have been doing a little tour of the continent, but in this exclusive pop-up exhibit from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, they’re being joined by costumes and props rarely seen out of the Warner Bros. Archive. We got a sneak peek of the exhibit, complete with a chance to talk to some of the designers and builders behind what are arguably some of the most iconic and recognizable vehicles in television and film history. With us were George Barris (creator of the original 1966 Batmobile from the Adam West TV Series), Andy Smith (builder of the Tumbler for the Nolan trilogy), Jeff Dunham (comedian and owner of the featured Michael Keaton Batmobile), Tim Flattery (designer of the Val Kilmer Batmobile), Charley Zurian (builder of both the Val Kilmer and George Clooney Batmobiles), and Mark Greenhalgh (spokesperson for the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive).

What struck us the most was the joy these creators take in their work and the work of their colleagues – not just as professionals, but as fans of Batman themselves. All of the panelists were in awe of Barris, who was tasked with bringing the first Batmobile to the screen. Barris shared that his main thought when going into the process of designing and building the Batmobile was:

If you’re going to create a car for a comic book, make it a people’s car. Make it a car that everybody would enjoy: kids, families, and everything.”

According to Smith, the cast and crew of Batman Begins became so attached to the Tumbler, that it resulted in a rewrite of the script, scrapping the original plan to destroy the vehicle in that film.

If you’re a fan of the original Barris-designed Batmobile, your chance to own a piece of Batman history is upon you. Barris is selling his prized “Car #1” – the original Batmobile, at auction. Based on a $250,000 concept car from Ford Motor Company, Barris bought the vehicle for only $1, and then transformed the vehicle into the iconic black and neon orange hot rod that graced screens as Adam West portrayed the caped crusader.

Take a look at our pics from the exhibit below, and make sure to visit yourself if you’re in the area. The L.A. Live Pop-Up Exhibit is open now through December 14th, 12pm-9pm daily, and is free to the public. It’s located on L.A. Live’s Event Deck, which is located directly behind the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live, and can be accessed from stairways on the corners of Chick Hearn Ct. and Georgia St., or at the entrance at West Road and Georgia St (one block south of Olympic Blvd.).

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Dark Knight Rises, out on DVD & Blu-ray starting today.


Photo Credit: Matt Wheeler