Season 8 Casting Spoiler for Supernatural

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Gil McKinneyIn season four, we first got to meet Sam and Dean’s maternal grandfather, Samuel. (And later he guest starred throughout season six despite being, you know, dead for thirty years.) This season, we get to meet the other side of the family. Gil McKinney has been cast as a young Henry Winchester for the upcoming twelfth episode, “As Time Goes By.” The episode will apparently involve some time travel shenanigans as Henry is somehow transported to the present day.

This will be the first time that the series has delved into the Winchester side of the family. The Campbells, Mary’s family, have a complex history of hunting the supernatural, but we know very little about John’s family. This should be an interesting look into how John was raised, and it might give some insight into how he could so easily go from mild mannered mechanic to monster hunter after Mary’s death.

The episode is scheduled to air in late January. Are you excited? What do you think about getting to know the Winchester side of the family a little better? Let us know in the comments below!