Revolution S1, Ep9 – “Kashmir”

Miles and the gang suffer hallucinations as they fight to stay alive.
Miles and the gang suffer hallucinations as they fight to stay alive.

Does anyone else hear…Zeppelin?

Supernatural/Eric Kripke fans know the importance of Led Zeppelin’s music in his work – so “Kashmir” featuring two of their songs was a big deal. It’s also fitting that they come in a trippy episode, with a shocking event and some explorations of what’s going on in the minds of Miles, Charlie, and Aaron.

We open with Miles chained to a chair getting his face beaten in. Did the militia finally catch up to him? Nope, it’s the rebels, making Miles officially unpopular with everyone, everywhere.

Sgt. Wheatley (Reed Diamond, proving once again Revolution is the place to be for actors in search of a series) wants to kill Miles and his gang but revenge is tabled when Miles offers them a deal. He’ll get them to Monroe so they can kill him, and in turn, they help him save Danny. Since Miles knows how to get to his former best friend, the rebels agree. They’re off to Philadelphia in the morning.

Charlie finds Miles wandering around the camp drunk, bitter, and assuming they’ll be dead tomorrow. Good to know…

Since Monroe’s compound is protected by thirty-foot walls, the only chance to sneak up on him is to use the tunnel system. Along with a cozy group of Red Shirts, Wheatley, Miles, and the gang take their torches and descend into the darkness.

As they walk through the creepy darkness, Charlie asks Nora what Miles was like back in the day. Nora says that Miles and Monroe were best friends – enlisted together, served together. Apparently something happened because Miles attempted to assassinate Monroe, but couldn’t go through with it. Well, it looks like he’s going to get a second chance!

More information isn’t forthcoming because Charlie steps on a landmine. Of course.

We get out first Zeppelin song; “Since I’ve Been Loving You” plays as Rachel demonstrates the power of the pendant to Neville and Captain Burke. The pendants act as wireless batteries, powering things within range. Downside? Their range is about ten feet, making large scale destruction difficult. The machine Rachel is building is an amplifier. Good, says Neville. Monroe is apparently impatient to slaughter people.

While Wheatley and the Red Shirts move to safety, Nora attempts to dismantle the bomb under Charlie’s feet. Aaron and Miles stay behind and wait with baited breath as Charlie jumps off the bomb. They take off down the tunnel as a line of explosions destroys everything behind them. The only way to go now is forward.

The group trudges on. Aaron has a nice chat with Red Shirt Ashley. She’s fighting for her father, who left Syria to find a better life for his family. She wonders why he’s fighting Monroe, and Aaron…doesn’t have an answer. He is, isn’t he? But why? Miles spots a militia solider in the darkness and takes off after him. The figure ducks into a closet – which is quickly revealed to be empty. Charlie and Nora are now concerned with Miles’ mental state.

Not long after, as they wade through chest-high waters, Nora sees an alligator! It attacks and she thrashes wildly – only to be shaken by Miles. No gator.

It seems when the tunnel collapsed, it cut off their supply of oxygen, which is now rapidly dwindling. They’re hallucinating. And if they don’t move fast enough, Miles won’t have to worry about facing Monroe again. He’ll be dead.

The group presses forward, only to find a blocked exit. Charlie isn’t ready to give up! She and Wheatley search for another passage while Miles descends into his own head. He hangs back, dejected and depressed, only to come upon a door with a crack of light from underneath. He opens it – and finds himself in Monroe’s study.

His old friend welcomes him with open arms and cognac, as “Kashmir” plays in the background. Yes, he’s a hallucination, but he really wants to chat. Why did Miles do it? Why did he try to kill him? Miles says he went too far but Hallucination Monroe doesn’t buy it. He thinks maybe Miles regrets his decision. He thinks maybe Miles would come back if he could…Charlie rouses Miles from his dream, but not before we get a glimpse of what might be confirmation of just that – would Miles go back if he could? Back in reality, Charlie tells Miles to keep it together. Falling apart at this point is really not an option.

Aaron is next in the hallucination parade. Priscilla, his wife, walks beside him, begging him to look at her. Did he ever really love her? Why couldn’t he have been strong for her like he is for Charlie? Aaron won’t look at her. He just keeps walking.

Aaron continues to fight alongside Miles and Charlie

Just why is Aaron still on the crazy train with Miles and Company?

Wheatley’s torch flares to life – oxygen! The group hurries over to a door and pries it open. They made it! Right to where Wheatley the traitor wanted them to be! He shoots the rebels, grabs Miles, and slams the door.

Aaron breaks down the door as the remaining group hurries to save Miles. Wheatley kills Red Shirt Ashley, so Charlie picks up her bow and arrow and calmly shoots the traitor in the chest. Unfortunately, he gets a dying shot off and hits Charlie, who falls down the steps and smacks her head on the concrete.

Charlie wakes up on the couch of her home – watching her dad, Ben, washing dishes. He wants her to go get Maggie and Danny for dinner. It’s Charlie’s dearest wish, clearly. Home, her father, her family, all alive and in one place. Ben tells her it was all a terrible dream; this is the reality and all she needs to do is rest. But Charlie hears a voice calling her and that voice is Miles.

A frantic and slightly hysterical Miles is begging Charlie to wake up. He promises he’ll do anything to get Danny back, so long as she opens her eyes.

Realizing this is a dream, Charlie hugs her father. She has to go save Danny.

When Charlie opens her eyes, Miles almost passes out with relief. Uncle and niece share a moment, as both realize the depth of their family bond. They’re all the other has left, and they are united in their goal. They’re going to walk up those stairs, into the militia lair, and whatever happens, happens.

Rachel, meanwhile, is working on that amplifier. Monroe enters, trailed by Neville, and everyone looks irritated. Neville, apparently, thinks Rachel is a liar and her amplifier is anything but. Enter Dr. Bradley Jaffe (her former colleague from two weeks ago), now beat down and super cooperative. He identifies Rachel’s project as a time bomb, with the pendant acting as the trigger. Wow, Rachel’s smart! Also, about to be killed by a furious Monroe. That’s it – she’s dead, Danny’s dead. He’s got Dr. Jaffe now, who is too afraid to engineer such a brilliant plan.

In a twisted moment I won’t soon forget, Rachel takes the screwdriver and stabs Dr. Jaffe right in the heart. As he falls to the ground, Rachel cries out an apology then turns to Monroe. Seems she’s all he’s got now.

Now, I’m not sure what Monroe’s exact expression was, but it fell somewhere between “that’s crazy” and “that’s hot.”

So what will happen when Miles and the gang enter Philadelphia? Will they save Danny? And just how desperate is Rachel? It’s a fast-paced race to the last episode before the hiatus!

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