Glee S4 Ep7 – “Dynamic Duets”

Blaine becomes Nightbird.

Blaine is cleaning out his locker as Sam approaches. This is all part of a plan to infiltrate and gain intel right? So ND can beat the Warblers at Sectionals? Blaine shakes his head. He feels terrible but no – he’s going back to Dalton. Sam can see that Blaine is punishing himself, but for what? It’s flashback time, as Blaine is at Eli the Facebook guy’s house. He’s sitting on a rumpled bed, pulling on his clothes and looking absolutely shattered. From the bathroom, a fuzzy figure asks if he’s okay (he’s not), and if it’s because Eli doesn’t look like his profile picture (which was a lighthouse okay?)  – Blaine can’t stay another second. He runs out, distraught.

Sam is shocked to hear this but he doesn’t condemn Blaine. He listens as Blaine articulates the path he took; he thought Kurt had moved on, just as he feared. He thought maybe they weren’t meant to be together. And the sad thing is? The second he was with Eli, he knew that wasn’t true. Kurt is his true love and now he’s ruined it. Kurt will never forgive him, never trust him.

True, Sam says. But Blaine needs to forgive himself.

Blaine throws down the saddest line in a very long time: “I just want to stop feeling like a bad person.”

Sam won’t stand for that. Blaine isn’t a bad person – he made a mistake. And Sam wants one day to prove to Blaine he’s not the sum total of his mistakes. He wants to prove to him he’s a hero and there is a whole group of New Directions who feel the same way.

David Bowie’s “Heroes” begins, with Sam and his guitar on stage as lights shine behind him. As the music picks up, Blaine appears, twirling and dancing to the beat. They sing in great harmony as scenes of just what Blaine has accomplished at McKinley roll. Kids in superhero costumes roaming the halls, a food/clothing drive for the less fortunate is a great success; the New Directions, armed with paint and brushes, tackle a wall of graffiti. As a paint fight breaks out, the group laughs and plays, slopping each other with the brushes. Brittany rubs paint on Blaine’s cheeks then gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

As the song fades, the boys give each other a playful shove. Did Sam convince him to stay? Blaine smiles – they have one more mission.

Back at Dalton, Hunter and Sebastian enter the common room. The Nationals trophy is gone; in its place? Blaine’s blazer with a polite “no thanks” note. Such nice manners! Curtains blow as they run over to look out across the courtyard. A grappling hook, and look, in the distance, Nightbird and the Human Chameleon, victoriously sprinting away with the trophy in hand.

High five!

In the hallway, Ryder approaches Marley. He has to reschedule their date – he has an early morning appointment on Saturday with the specialist. A totally valid excuse as Ryder wants to finally give his mother a report card with an “A” on it. Marley is disappointed and strangely unsympathetic. Kitty arrives to sneer and insult…but Marley cuts her off. She’s a super heroine! She’s not waiting around! Will she finally tell Kitty to shove off?

No, she marches over and asks Jake out. Kitty is displeased.

A victorious Sam and Blaine return the trophy to New Directions. He owes them an apology – McKinley is his home. They are his home. Smiles all around. He believes in them; they have the team, the talent, and the leader. Finn takes the trophy and puts it in its rightful place as the group cheers.

Tina has a gift for Finn. A super hero utility belt cleverly disguised as a fanny pack. Inside? Markers! Antacid! A doll head (that’s from Brittany)! And finally, a treble clef pin. To always remind him that he is the Almighty Treble Clef – uniter of Glee clubs and friends. Touched, Finn gathers them into a huddle. Okay, they’re on the right path now. Sectionals – where they’ll kick Warbler ass. Regionals, and then all the way to Nationals! Here’s to the best year that New Directions has ever had!

As they joyfully break, the strains of fun.’s “Some Nights” begin. In red shirts and jeans, New Directions appears on stage to perform this strong anthem. This is their first performance as a group, with their new attitude of friendship and purpose. Finn watches from the audience proudly as they dance and harmonize on stage. It’s a really lovely moment, the coalescence of talents coming together in one joyful noise.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Puck! And the opening bit at Superhero Club. Hilarious.

What made me sniffle: The five minutes of Blaine’s confessional and Sam’s healing efforts were the beginning of a beautiful friendship being played for more than laughs.

What made me side-eye: Marley, Marley, Marley.

What I’m listening to on repeat: All the songs. The strongest episode musically so far this season. Everyone was spot on. “Heroes” was a particular favorite.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Thanksgiving with drag queens and graduates…

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