Glee S4 Ep7 – “Dynamic Duets”

Blaine becomes Nightbird.

In the locker room, Sam – with a jockstrap over his face – does the greatest Bane impersonation of the year. Possibly better than Tom Hardy himself. It’s a moment of ridiculousness in an episode full of silly moments, but it also reminds you that Sam Evans lives on a different planet and quite frankly, it’s a lot cooler than the one you live on.

Jake approaches Ryder with a piece of paper; he’s decided to follow Finn’s assignment. Ryder looks the paper over, then returns it to Jake with a half-sneer. No way, not acceptable. Jake has to be a man about this and say it out loud. Okay, Jake is taking the challenge. He tells Ryder that his weakness is feeling like he doesn’t belong. He’s half black, half white, and half Jewish. And bad at math. A series of flashbacks reveal the teasing and taunting from various jerks around school, making fun of his mixed heritage. It isn’t easy and that is his Kryptonite.

Ryder looks appropriately moved. His Kryptonite? He made Jake tell him his secret because he couldn’t read the note.

In the ladies room, Kitty (dressed in black latex) looks over Marley, who is dressed as “Wall Flower.” No way, says Kitty. In a complete turnaround, she calls Marley “h-o-t-t” and dubs her “Woman Fierce.” Wall Flower is no more.

Twirling and prancing, the girls spin around the choir room, knocking the song out of the park. Kitty – complete with whip – intimidates the boys and makes Marley’s hair fly like a proper super heroine. Becca and Melissa sound terrific together and it’s a fun, fun song. Kitty is so much more fun when she isn’t talking! With everyone suitably impressed, Finn cheers their teamwork as they embrace. This, this is what he’s talking about!

Woman Fierce and Femme Fatale!

Marley and Kitty sound great together. But it’s just a temporary truce…

Suddenly, Brittany makes a face. She doesn’t smell raspberry hair gel. Where’s Blaine Warbler?

Finn’s mood changes. He mentions that Blaine’s been having a hard time lately, as they all know. Tina calls him a Lifetime movie and rolls her eyes. Enough already!

Well, she won’t have to worry for long. Finn announces that Blaine has decided to spend the remainder of his senior year at Dalton Academy. Everyone is shocked; Tina clearly feels bad, Brittany looks like she’s going to cry, and Sam isn’t doing much better. “He’s been taken by the Dark Side,” Artie intones.

Jake seeks Finn out – there’s something he needs to tell him about Ryder.

Later, Finn brings Ryder into a classroom. The district special education teacher is here to help him; Ryder isn’t too happy about Jake’s tattling, but Finn persuades him to stay. She soothes him a bit and then takes him through a thorough testing. It’s quickly clear that Ryder has a problem with reading, as he misreads letters and numbers, putting them out of order. At the end of the session, the teacher promises he isn’t stupid.

He goes outside to let Finn know the news. Ryder is dyslexic. The news doesn’t help much; he feels angry and sad that so much time has been wasted with him feeling stupid. He feels like a failure and wonders what his father – the PhD – will think. He’s been carrying this secret for so long and Finn tells him to put it down. The truth is? His brain works differently. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Ryder thanks Finn but Finn tells him that he owes Jake. Ryder makes a thinky face.

In the lunch line, Jake is super nice to Trish, Marley’s mom. He compliments her appearance, and she reveals she’s lost six pounds. Jake flashes her a sweet Puckerman smile. Awwww. He’s so sweet. Trish tells him that Marley talks about him all the time, but Jake thinks he’s lost his chance with her. This tender moment is interrupted by the bullies, who insult Trish. Jake is having none of that; he tells them to shut up and decides to take the two boys on – of course their ranks begin to swell with other members of the jerk posse. But never fear! Ryder appears. He tells the jocks to back off. Jake’s his boy and if they mess with him, they mess with Ryder. Backing up Ryder (in costume): Joe, Artie, and Becky, who is wielding a spork. The bullies back off.

Jake and Ryan share a good broment.

Hey, it’s a Wild Puckerman appearance! Puck is dressed as his own superman, taking pictures with tourists in front of Groman’s Chinese Theatre. Jake calls his half brother for advice and spills the whole sad story. Should he go after Marley, even with his budding bro-ness with Ryder? Puck tells him not to be a dick and let the superior Puckerman testosterone do its magic. Don’t give up. Jake smiles as Marley walks by. He’s willing to do that.

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