Glee S4 Ep7 – “Dynamic Duets”

Blaine becomes Nightbird.
Dr. Y and The Almighty Treble Clef enjoy Glee Club

Dr. Y and The Almighty Treble Clef enjoy Dynamic Duets in Glee club.

Back at McKinley, Finn has donned some tights of his own. He’s the Almighty Treble Clef, uniter of Glee Clubs! And he’s got a great idea – Dynamic Duets. He’s putting together some natural enemies (Jake and Ryder, Kitty and Marley) for superhero costuming and songs, because much like The Avengers, they are more powerful combined into a team then when they are on their own. It’s time for them to fight an epic battle against the darkness of Sectionals.

Artie notes this is a slightly better idea. Yay Finn! Progress.

Kitty gives Marley their song selection (“Holding Out For a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler), and announces she will be Femme Fatale. Because in French? That means Kill Women. You know, at least Kitty’s honest about her dastardly plans. Ryder approaches Jake, and there is some posturing like only two teenage boys can accomplish. Yes, it’s a little embarrassing. Ryder’s alter ego is “Mega Stud,” which Jake points out is him on a regular day. Oh snap.

Their song selection? “Superman” by R.E.M., with each dressed as a Clark Kent type, with their Mega Stud costumes underneath.

Unfortunately, Ryder and Jake use their time in the spotlight to compete for Marley’s attention, swooping and shoving instead of dancing. It quickly devolves into yet another brawl, as they punch each other into music stands and chairs. The other boys break up the fight and drag the two out of the room.

MegaStuds Ryder and Jake sing out their rivalry

Ryder and Jake play MegaStud for Marley. Who will win her hand? Who will end up not getting detention?

Finn is mad as hell and he’s not taking it anymore. He sits the two down in the auditorium and launches into a most excellent smack down, combining superhero lingo, Yodaisms, and teacher logic. You know what? Finn might just be awesome at this whole Glee Club leader thing… His new assignment? They need to share their Kryptonite with one another. The one thing they are most afraid of. Only by admitting their weaknesses can they find their strengths.

High on his speechifying, Finn is playing with the creepy Glee Club diorama as Blaine enters. How’s the trophy recovery plan going? Well – Blaine mentions going back to Dalton. The blazers. The singing. Finn’s face goes full horror – wait, he sang with the Warblers?! This might be worse than the Rachel/Brody thing. Blaine feels “right” with the Warblers – like when Pyro joined Magneto in X-Men 2? (He loses Finn a little here.) It’s where he belongs.

Finn tries to convince Blaine to stay. Does this have something to do with Kurt? Well, of course it does! In the choir room, he and Kurt were a dynamic duo. Kurt was his anchor at McKinley, and now he’s floating. The Warbers are his birthright and destiny; Finn needs someone that helps the group gel (hair joke!) and while Finn believes Blaine is that person, Blaine does not.

Marley tells Kitty she won’t sing with her. Because she’s mean and rude and offensive and cruel? No, because Marley doesn’t want to wear a revealing costume of spandex. (I literally sighed out loud). Kitty continues to push Marley to purge, claims friendship, and insists they are besties – they share so much! Marley allows a hug. And agrees that she’ll model her costume for Kitty before the number so Kitty can tell her if she looks fat.

Insert a handwave here.

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