Glee S4 Ep7 – “Dynamic Duets”

Blaine becomes Nightbird.

Finn goes to the one adult at the school with a modicum of common sense: Coach Beiste. She’s dressed as the Beiste Master, with the unfortunate logo of BM. Her power helps her digest…you know what, I think you see the joke and I don’t have to type it out. Thank you. Anyway, she’s the club’s student adviser, and Blaine makes her wear a costume. Blaine would possibly make a better principal than Figgins, FYI.

Beiste advises Finn – who thinks the Glee Club doesn’t see him as an adult – to don his own pair of tights. Be their hero, be their leader. Show them the face of someone they can follow.

At Dalton, Blaine is looking for the trophy and finds Sebastian. Of course! Clearly the likely culprit, but his old nemesis denies the theft. He’s turned over a new leaf – no more bullying, blackmail, or assault. Boring and sucky, that’s for sure. Sebastian has also been demoted to not-entirely-evil lackey as the new captain of the Warblers is waiting for Blaine…

In the commons room, Blaine comes face to face with Dr. Evil aka Hunter Clarington (Gerard Nolan Funk), who has a permanent sneer, broad shoulders, and a fluffy white cat in his lap. Clearly the latter is a symbol of something or maybe he just likes kittens…

And because this is Glee, he clarifies he’s not even remotely bi-curious. Good to know.

Apparently Dalton has had enough of this “not winning” thing – Hunter led his military academy choir to a Regionals victory with Presidential honors (which is a thing) so now he’s been lured to the Warblers with a full scholarship to work his magic.

The trophy was bait for the real plan – New Directions can have their prize, but only when Blaine comes back.

Blaine resists. But Hunter, Sebastian, and a trio of familiar faces (Jon, Jeff, and Nick) offer him reasons and compelling smiles. Kurt is the reason he went to McKinley and he’s gone. They even call him Blaine Warbler! He’s ambitious, driven: A Dalton Boy. They whip out the almighty blazer and slide it over Blaine’s shoulders. The fireplace explodes, the cat meows, and Blaine shivers a little. There’s evil in this well-appointed room!

Hunter doesn’t want to see a legend like Blaine go down in flames his senior year. McKinley won’t win again, the Warblers have their number. Why not come home?

Then they whip out their secret weapon: A song.

More Warblers file into the room as Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” plays. Blaine tries to resist, but those harmonies! The pleading eyes as they doo-wop around him! He succumbs to singing along, making his case for a possible return. Can they love him, now that he’s made a horrible mistake? The boys swarm and dance around him, as Hunter watches from his chair. There’s a moment when Blaine falls into the rhythm and becomes one with the group, imploring them to accept him. He takes lead as Hunter joins them, a perfectly executed group as the last notes play. Blaine sings “don’t run away,” and says it to himself. He unbuttons the blazer and attempts to give it back.

Sebastian calls him flawless, and Hunter once again christens him Blaine Warbler. Isn’t it time to come back?

It’s a great performance – sinister and seductive at once. These aren’t the bright eyed boys who danced around the room to “Teenage Dream” in season two. Like Blaine, they’ve fallen out of that perfect idealization. Is this where Blaine really belongs now?

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