Glee S4 Ep7 – “Dynamic Duets”

Blaine becomes Nightbird.
Blaine becomes Nightbird.

Blaine’s campaign of distraction over his sadness transforms him into Nightbird, the nocturnal avenger.

It seems early to crown the second best episode of Glee’s fourth season, but “Dynamic Duets” is in hot contention for that title. After the intense drama of “The Break-Up,” we are treated to a well-acted hour, chock full of great performances,  with a deceivingly silly theme.


Clearly unwilling to let Brittany’s Senior Year Presidency be the wackiest McKinley has ever seen, Blaine Anderson has created the Superhero Club (copyright infringement free!) to fight injustice and right all wrongs. Oh Blaine honey, a shrink would have a field day with you right now. He’s surrounded by such brilliant cohorts such as Asian Persuasion (Tina), Human Chameleon (Sam), Dr. Y (Artie), and Queen Bee (Becky). Asian Persuasion is trying to get Nightbird to call Kurt but he doesn’t want to do that. Or break character. Suddenly, Dottie aka Chai Tea aka Tina’s Freshman Assistant bursts into the room – there’s trouble afoot!

The club races to the choir room in slow-mo glory, with classic superhero theme music playing in the background and capes a-flowing. This is the best sort of homage – a grain of salt wrapped in a hug.

Superheroes Club to the rescue

There’s something afoot and McKinley’s Superhero Club will get to the bottom of it!

In the choir room, we discover the nefarious deed – the Nationals Trophy is missing! In its place, a laptop that says “play me.” Who would leave such a clue? Someone…rich?

Like with the money to attend a snazzy all-boys boarding school?

Nightbird presses play and a video appears. Complete with a pixelated face and disguised voice, the trophy-stealing Warbler throws down.  They have the trophy – soon they will have their Sectionals title. The reckoning has begun and the next move? Is theirs.

Cue superhero music! And one of the cutest logos ever – think “the Glee signal.”

Jake makes some time with Marley – is she going to join the Superhero Club? What?! Spandex and fighting injustice? No thank you. Jake takes the opportunity to ask Marley out for Friday night but as she demurs, Ryder appears. Sorry, Marley can’t make it Friday night (or speak, apparently). She’s going with Ryder to an away football game. The insults begin (what kind of name is Ryder Lyn? Excellent question. Also? Nothing says badass like a Razor scooter.), the fists start flying and scuffling teens meet with the floor. Asian Persuasion and Queen Bee break them up, with some help from Finn who is sporting an outfit straight out of the Mr. Schue collection, complete with sweater vest. So many costumes!

Finn isn’t having any of this, not on his first big day as head of ND! Twenty minutes, glee practice, he snaps out. Brutal, dude.

As he gazes on the portrait of Lillian Adler (and a great throwback to Mr. Schue’s first day), Finn psyches himself up. He calls the group to order, though they don’t seem overjoyed to listen to a guy who was sitting next to half of them last year. He welcomes their two new members – Ryder and Kitty. Applause for the former and hisses for the latter. Tina thinks they should vote before allowing evil into the choir room, but there’s no time. Sectionals is in a week, they need twelve bodies, and no one has seen the band for a few episodes! They need her.

“Just call Santana back from Kentucky, because apparently she’s better than anyone who’s actually enrolled here.” Yeah, I like bitchy Tina who says what’s she wants. And what everyone is thinking.

But no time for that says Mr. Finnster, who tries to get back on track. His game plan for Sectionals (after breaking the marker and not being able to find another) – songs by Foreigner, in foreign languages, wearing costumes from countries around the world. Artie is amused until he realizes that’s the actual idea.

Brittany asks Kiki (remember her from “Britney 2.0”?) what she thinks and Kiki utters the line of the year: “I think I am alive and you are the machine.”  Word, Kiki.

Blaine points out that they are Nationals champions and therefore are held to the highest standard. If that’s his idea, then they have no chance. With that, he swirls his cape and heads for the door. Where is he going? To get their Nationals trophy, which Finn has yet to notice is missing. Nightbird, by the way, is being played by Sassy!Blaine.

Oh crap.

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