Doctor Who: The Great Detective

Saturday during the BBC’s annual Children In Need charity event a 3 minute prequel minisode to the Christmas Special called “The Great Detective” was aired.  It would seem that The Doctor hasn’t taken the departure of the Ponds quite as well as we had hoped.  I haven’t seen him this dark and angsty since his 9th incarnation.  Featured in this Victorian Era minisode, and who will also appear in the Christmas Special this 25th of December, are familiar faces Sontaran Commander Strax (Dan Starkey), Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her human companion Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) all returning from season 6 “A Good Man Goes To War.”

Also released last night was the actual trailer for the Christmas Special titled “The Snowmen”, which will co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman in her return as a new character and new companion, Clara, while Richard E. Grant will feature as the newly regenerated Doctor villain Doctor Simeon.  Oh, Christmas can’t come soon enough!


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