Revolution S1, Ep7 “The Children’s Crusade”

Our heroes keep moving towards Danny and mortal danger.
Our heroes keep moving towards Danny and mortal danger.

Miles and company get roped into a dangerous situation on their way to Philadelphia.

The latest episode of Revolution, “The Children’s Crusade,” is chock full of action and more clues to what happened before the blackout.  New faces, old faces – it’s a fast moving ride.

We start with a scary moment: a soldier branding Charlie with an iron mark of the militia!

Two days earlier: The march to Philadelphia – where Danny and almost certain death await our heroes – continues, with Miles worried about Charlie, Aaron worried about everything, and Nora probably wondering why she’s still hanging around with these people.

As the group walks on, they spot a militia wagon with a young man being held prisoner in the back.  Charlie immediately connects him with Danny and makes a move for her weapon, which Miles puts the kibosh on.

“You can’t save everybody,” says Miles.

In the distance they see a child lying in the middle of a field.  The gang runs to help and are immediately surrounded by a group of children who are armed and clearly not playing.  Miles looks exasperated.  Miles clearly hates children and is not afraid of them poking him with sticks.  Miles also would like to point out “I told you so.”

An angry young man named Michael (Supernatural’s Colin Ford, who is all grown up!) demands to know where they took Peter.  He orders the kid soldiers to check their arms for militia tattoos.  Charlie identifies the boy they saw in the wagon – could that be Peter?  Michael confirms it’s him, his brother.  Charlie instantly warms to the boy and their shared plight.

Miles wants to know where their parents are.

Michael says they don’t have parents.  More kids appear, all armed, from the surrounding abandoned buildings.

The group is taken into the group’s makeshift home.  They see more kids, living and working and studying.  Nora is moved by their little faces while Aaron refers to them as “children of the corn.”  The former village teacher isn’t too keen on kids in general and this pack makes him nervous.  What did they do to their parents?

Nora and Aaron find themselves adrift in a sea of well-armed children

Children of the Corn or The Lost Boys? Either way, Aaron is not enjoying this side trip in “The Children’s Crusade”

Michael is ready to go rescue his brother.  Miles stops him and repeats his question: What happened to their parents?  The young man says years ago militia came in their wagons and killed all the adults after hiding the kids in the basement.  There’s a large American flag behind him indicating it was a group of rebels.  Peter, the eldest of the children, was in charge.  Visibly affected, Miles can barely look at the kid.  From that day on, Peter remained their leader.  They have to get him back.

Charlie tries to bargain with Michael: What if they rescue his brother?

Aaron is unimpressed with this plan.

He reasons with Charlie.  Peter isn’t Danny.  She can’t save everyone.  Aaron assumes Miles will side with him but surprisingly, Miles says they’re going to save this one.  Charlie is happy.

Charlie is happy that Miles is willing to help her save Peter.

For a brief moment, Charlie enjoys something in her life.

Michael agrees to stay behind.  Somehow, I don’t feel he’s telling the truth on that one…

Meanwhile, in Philly at their tastefully appointed prison, Rachel and Danny are “enjoying” a meal.  Danny doesn’t get it – how can his mother sit their so calmly?  He insists they have to leave, Rachel shushes him and boom, a guard shows up.  Bas needs to see her.  Danny gives her a sideways glare.

Bas wants to talk about the pendants.  He and Neville are skeptical about these magical bits; they can’t find them.  Her colleagues aren’t where she said they’d be.  Rachel points out she’s been out of the loop for some reason… but no fear, Bas found someone!  Brad, one of her co-workers, has been there for three weeks, being tortured for information.  Rachel offers to talk to him.  Neville manages to thank her while sounding incredibly creepy.

Back in the past, three years before the blackout to be exact, a very pregnant Rachel is getting out of the car and heading for a building.  Inside, Department of Defense dude Secretary Flynn (a smooth and clearly bad Colm Feore) is talking to Ben and Grace (Remember her? From the farmhouse?).  They’re in a room filled with monitors and research data; Ben is talking about their team’s attempt to find a clean, low cost source of energy.  Except it does exactly the opposite.  They came up with something that inhibits energy.

A demonstration of just that impresses Flynn.  Rachel overhears him talking to Ben about replicating this device and Flynn is happy to let them know he wants to give them a government contract.

But Rachel, pulling Ben aside, doesn’t want the DOD involved in their project.  What if they want to use this as a weapon?

Back on the trail, Miles and company are tracking the wagon.  Aaron and Nora are discussing Miles odd change of heart.  Miles is a dick, says Aaron.  He probably ordered those kids’ families killed, says Nora.  This is his small way of making amends.  Oh Miles, you are carrying a lot of baggage in your pockets on this journey.

Miles draws his sword.  He walks into the bushes and retrieves young Michael, who has been shadowing them the entire time (to absolutely no one’s surprise).  Michael does an excellent impression of Charlie being defiant and Miles is almost amused.

Oh right, and Michael’s not alone.  A troop of Lost Kids is right behind him.  “A pack of hairless Ewoks” and the Miles Gang continue on.

At the water front, Peter is being unloaded into what appears to be an indoctrination camp.  Things aren’t looking good.

Nora tries to bond with one of the kids. Aaron is pick pocketed by another, who steals the pendant.  They? Do not bond.

Miles sees Aaron’s pendant and questions him about it.  Aaron, by the way, is a terrible liar and Miles doesn’t buy it’s his wife’s for a second.  No time for more chatter – Nora has located a lighthouse and, more, importantly, the soldier factory down the coast.  Miles knows exactly what it is.  Kids go in, soldiers come out.  Suddenly things look a little less easy.

Back to the past, Rachel is leaving work and collapses to the sidewalk in agonizing pain.  Rachel and Ben are in a hospital with a doctor doing an ultrasound.  There’s something wrong with the baby – he is missing a vessel in his heart and may not survive the surgery required to save him or the subsequent pregnancy.  They are heartbroken.

Rachel, in present day, is in a cell when her old colleague Bradley is dumped inside.  She pretends to be surprised to see him and the two talk. S he tries to get him to reveal the location of his pendant – but Brad doesn’t seem interested in turning it over to “the rebels” who are helping them.  In fact, he’s curious as to how the militia knows about the pendants in the first place and he’s not going to keep chatting with Rachel.

Miles is backing out of the rescue mission because Charlie is once again offering herself up as bait.  All of this is his fault; he gets that.  He was an architect of the militia and all the destruction.  He’s not throwing Charlie away.  She can’t be dissuaded, though, and Miles is forced to give in.

Miles has a lot on his mind - especially Charlie's safety

Miles must miss his easy-going days of avoidance and hiding.


The militia wagon spies Charlie in the woods.  She claims her family will be back soon but the soldier doesn’t believe her.  When she starts to run, they wrestle her to the ground.

At Monroe Headquarters, Bradley and Rachel meet again in more opulent circumstances.  Bradley is furious to realize that Rachel is working with them.  She admits she told Bas about the pendants to save Danny; Bradley is sorry but not enough to share the location of the pendant.

Neville shows up, smug and threatening.  With Bradley’s daughter, Eve.

If Bradley doesn’t talk, they’re going to torture and kill Eve.  Neville makes sure to mention that they only knew about Bradley and Eve thanks to Rachel.  She cries and apologies as her friend is pulled, fighting and yelling, out of the room.


At the militia compound, Lt. Slotnick is giving the “recruits” a stirring indoctrination speech.  Charlie tries to stop rolling her eyes.  One of the young men is called out to the front; he wants to go home.  Gosh, not a problem.  He is encouraged to do so, right up until Slotnick beats him to death with a billy club.

These guys don’t mess around.

Charlie purposely starts a fight with another recruit to get Slotnick’s attention.  It works.  While feigning unconsciousness, she grabs a solider’s keys and almost gets away – until she’s caught, of course.

With Charlie two hours late for the rendezvous, Miles and Nora head out to save her.

We’re back to the branding scene.  Yikes!

In true Miles and Nora fashion, the militia soldiers are quickly falling like flies.  At the lighthouse, Aaron realizes Michael has once again followed when he should be staying behind.

Miles and Nora continue to kill everyone.  They find and rescue Charlie, who then finds and rescues Peter.

At the lighthouse, Aaron and the kids hear voices.  They hide as militia soldiers call out from above.

During their final escape, Miles and the gang are stopped by Slotnick, who is holding a knife to Michael’s neck.  He orders them to drop their weapons.

Aaron, hiding with the children, sees the pendant suddenly sputter to life.  The power source kicks in and the lighthouse turns on!  The beacon flares in a bright burst, just enough of a distraction for Miles to attack Slotnick and kill him, saving Michael.

The soldiers enter the basement where Aaron and the kids are.  Showing some badass moves, Aaron and his pickpocketing friend knock them out.

Bas visits Rachel.  Bradley cracked apparently; once his men visit his house and get the pendant, he and his daughter will be released.  He has another question for Rachel: How, exactly, did the lights go out?  Rachel says it doesn’t matter.  It just matters that she can turn them back on.

Back in the past, Flynn stops Rachel on the street. He’s sorry to hear about the baby – has she tried one of the experimental surgery studies currently going on?  They’re full, which of course isn’t a problem for him.  He’d be glad to put in a good word, help save her baby… Rachel asks what he wants in return.

I bet I can guess.

Peter and Michael are reunited with the Lost Boys and Girls.  Miles is touched for about a second – all he wants right now is an answer from Aaron.  How did the lighthouse go on?  Aaron comes clean, handing him the pendant.  He explains what he knows (which isn’t much) and tells Miles it came from Ben.

Miles wants to destroy it.

Aaron refuses.

They’re at a standoff when Charlie approaches.  Aaron tells her about the pendant.  And Grace Beaumont.  Everything he knows.

Meanwhile, in a cell, Grace is sitting at a desk.  A man enters; she asks to be let go but the man refuses.  Flynn – now calling himself Randall – wants them to be friends.

The way he says it?  More like a crocodile sizing up a snack.

Soooo, can we infer that Rachel made a deal with the devil (Flynn and the DOD) to save the unborn Danny?  Can we assume that Ben didn’t actually know about it?  And just how did the power go off?  Government experiment?  If so, why is Bas in charge and not Flynn.

More reveals to be… revealed!  Revolution’s foundation of slowly unraveling mysterious and motivations always seems to lead to another point.  And they may have single-handedly revived the “surprise fade-out” ending from soaps!  I’ll also give them props for their casting; the cast is good (even Charlie is growing on me), the guest cast is consistently terrific and every new actor who shows up is a welcome addition.  Let’s hope they can keep juggling all these pieces!


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