Misfits S04E03

rudy 3 being creepy

The facts are these: Misfits worked because it was about lovable scamps in hilarious situations cracking great lines about the things happening to them.  That’s just not the case anymore, and we’re not being given anything that compelling to replace it.

rudy 3 creeping on jess

Yes, let’s stalk women some more, that’s exactly what this show needs to revitalize it.

I really liked parts of the Rudy 3 story.  Props go to actor Joe Gilgun, whose physical acting distinguishing Rudy 3 from Rudys 1 and 2 was really well done.  The Macarena-scored scene between him and Jess was fantastic and tense.  But creepy thriller moments are not what I want out of Misfits; they were excellent before, thrown in between all of the wacky stuff, but I’m not interested in watching the series just so I can wait for them to occasionally happen.

We didn’t even get the answers to the most interesting questions about Rudy 3: Why is he homicidal?  Is that just part of who Rudy is?  If he was always whole, would killer tendencies be something with which he struggled?  Did Rudy have multiple personalities before, or were they just controllable aspects of his character?  How can someone be in the system listed as both in prison and out on probation?

I don’t have constant magical hilarity distracting me from these kind of questions like in former seasons.  Now I want more explanations and back story.  This is Misfits (and one of the characters can bring people back from the dead, even if they are a bit zombie-fied when he does so); there’s definitely the possibility for us to see Rudy 3 again or find out more later.

My problem is that we had all this interesting potential from Rudy 3, and what did we get?  Him stalking Jess with the intent to kill, and for most of the episode it felt like he might go for more while he was at it.  Although it gave us some meaty character insight into both Jess and Rudy, it bothered me because of how it contributed to the overall “theme” (if it could be called so) this week.

jess does not approve of this crap

Jess does not approve of this crap.

The whole episode was just full of terrible moments with women.  The story line with Finn and his sort-of stepmother Lisa was awful.  Does this kid have no normal, healthy relationships?  I feel kind of bad for him after his dad dropped a bombshell and then ditched him, but no, I never started caring about the character enough to muster more than vague fleeting pity.  I hated how they characterized Lisa: the stereotypical hysterical desperate woman latching onto any man in her reach and falling to pieces without one.  It’s really time to retire this repellent trope.

I don’t know what Lola’s (the trainee probation worker) deal is, and normally I would say that maybe she just does really get off on ordering people around, and that’s fine.  But I know the show is going to reveal that there’s more to it than that, and even if not, the character development was sloppy.  “Here’s a weird-but-hot lady, strange stuff gets her off, but that’s O.K. because look how well it works out for Curtis!”

There’s nothing else to Lola’s character: at least for now, she’s just there to give Curtis someone else to bone.  Give me three story lines in one episode with problematic issues with women, and even if two of them are more complicated than that, for the moment I’m one unhappy camper.  Before, we always had strong (and part of that strength was how flawed and messed up they could be, and how they worked through it) female characters in Kelly and Alisha.  Jess’s development is great, but did we have to get it in the same week as we got two sex-crazy ladies who for the moment only exist to develop the male characters?

scary probation worker is scary

Also, the probation worker is getting boring. He shows up, does some scary scenery munching, and leaves without following through on anything. Yawn.

Like I said, I know that we’ll get more about Lola next week, but between Rudy 3 creeping on Jess and our cardboard-cutout supporting female cast, I’m feeling rather disgruntled right now.

Blah, Howard Overman.  I can’t really put you on notice again, so I’m not sure where to go from here.  Maybe you should just admit that you’ve lost your touch for this series, and either end it or hire some additional writers.  I’m committed to finishing the season, but unless something amazing happens, repeatedly, between now and then, I think this one will be my last.