Fringe, S5 Ep6 – Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There

Well, if last week’s episode grabbed my attention only for the last half (ish), this one was amazing from start to finish.  I mean, seriously.  David Fury can come back and write all the episodes – with Wyman overseeing, of course.

I’ll take my Peter/Olivia, however short the scene is, especially since I’m betting their relationship will get more strained before it gets better.

I’m exceedingly relieved that whatever else is going on with Peter (more on that in a moment), he and Olivia did have that moment of reconnection at Etta’s apartment.  Of course, Peter lied about that little injury on the back of his neck, but at least he apologized for shutting her out.

Also, though I could have wished there was time for more whimsy in the pocket universe, I did love the idea.  Not exactly original, but it fits in nicely with this show and it was pretty well executed.  And they went and explicitly used the glyph symbols!  That was just one of the times I turned to my sister while watching and we both had to agree how awesome this show is.

The other time we had that exchange?  Was when it was revealed that Walter and this Donald person hid the bald Observer kid from season one in that pocket!  Freaking awesome.  And of course he’d need an atmospheric degradation machine thingy, since he couldn’t breathe normal air in that episode either.  The continuity on this show, man.  It’s not something you see very often in sci-fi nowadays (I’m looking at you in particular, post-new-season-one Doctor Who!).  I hope they find the kid soon, and I kind of hope he turns out to be September or something mind-bending like that.

Superpowers for everyone! (As long as Olivia still has some…)

Moving on to Peter with his Observer abilities.  Heck yes!  I know that they’re likely to have some nasty side effects, but how fantastic was it to watch Peter equal and then beat that Observer in hand-to-hand combat?  And then just casually walk inter-dimensionally back to his family?  Pretty darn fantastic, I think.  Well, until we saw that Windmark was watching, and seemed to be smiling.

After that, I wasn’t even expecting there to be much time for more awesome stuff.  But then we got Walter’s tearful confession to Peter that he’s worried about turning back into the man he was before Peter changed him.  I’m glad they are following up on that possibility.  But apart from that, Peter’s declaration that he won’t let the Walter they know and love disappear was wonderful.  No other show can melt me quite as much just by one character calling the other “Dad” – Peter does it so rarely that it’s always notable.  I do love this cast. A lot.

And I have very little idea where the show’s going next – which is just how it should be, I guess.  What about you?  Any theories?

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