Glee S4 Ep5 “The Role You Were Born To Play”

Finn, Artie, Mike and Mercedes slow-mo down the hallway to post the cast list.  In a cute Brady Bunch-esque graphic, each cast member is shown with their character name.

Brittany is Cha-Cha.

Tina is Jan.

Sam is Kenickie.

Sugar is Frenchy.

Unique is Rizzo.

Blaine is Teen Angel.

Jake is Putzie.

Ryder is Danny.

Marley is Sandy.

Kitty is Patty Simcox.

“Who the hell is Patty Simcox?” Kitty demands to know.  And she demands a recount – she prayed really hard for this part.  Joe helpfully points out that maybe God was busy helping people with cancer!  Kitty calls him Avatar (her insults seem to be slipping) and throws her anger in Jake’s direction.  He tells her “it just didn’t work out” which is quite decent.  So, she rears her ugly head to Marley, with yet more insults over her mother’s weight and potential obesity.

Does no one have a stun gun?

Sue arrives, walking through the huddling mass of teens.  She takes one look at the cast list – particularly Unique’s name – and lays another turn to stone glare towards Finn.

Two stun guns?

Will arrives home to find Emma stress cooking in a frenzy.  He realizes something is terribly wrong as she spirals – he soothes her, asks her to just say what has her upset.

“I don’t want to go to Washington.”

Emma sits Will down.  She doesn’t know what being Will’s wife means; her only role model is her mother’s negative 50’s version of hell.  They need to figure out what they want from a marriage – and neither of their lists (adoration, being a partner, support and acceptance) include needing to be together all the time.  So, he will go to D.C., she’ll stay in Lima and they’ll switch off weekends until he comes home.  Then?  They’ll get married and be the married couple they have always wanted to be.

Will’s last act of business is to talk to Finn.  He wants his protegee to take over New Directions while he’s gone.  Glee needs an adult, not a teacher (we’ll just refrain from commenting in an insulting way) and Finn is the perfect guy for the job!  Finn doesn’t seem too sure of this decision but Will feels that he has the right credentials. He’s a leader, he believes in helping kids achieve their dreams – he’s ready.

And… scene.

This might have been the weakest episode of the season but after the emotional powerhouse of “The Break-up” and a five week hiatus, maybe we didn’t need anything too overwhelming!  The music was great, I am liking Ryder a lot faster than the other new kids and the key to Marley is apparently teaming her with Unique.  It’s also a set-up for next week’s “Glease” production, which I imagine will have a bigger wallop.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Shannon’s Beiste’s Football-based Relationship Counseling.

What made me sniffle: Wade’s confession to Finn about feeling uncomfortable having to be a boy at school.  It was a lovely moment and I hope we get more of Wade/Unique’s story.

What made me side-eye: Still not getting the relentless nasty that is Kitty.  Will she get hers?  Or redemption?

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” – polar opposites but well-performed.

What I’m looking forward to next week: “Grease” is the word!  Can’t wait to see the performances.


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