Glee S4 Ep5 “The Role You Were Born To Play”

Finn and Will sit captive to Sue’s furious anger.  Figgins doesn’t really follow along at her tirade about casting Unique as Rizzo because he thinks Unique is a woman.  His confusion falls to the wayside as Sue works up a frothy head of steam over this outrage and finally, Finn has had enough.  He calls Sue a bigot, which she takes very badly.  Even worse?  Finn’s use of the “r” word to describe her daughter.  Oh no. No no no.  Finn’s good point (Sue’s lack of compassion and understanding about people who are not in the mainstream and her treatment of them) falls by the wayside as Sue fits him with a stare so deadly it’s a miracle he doesn’t turn to stone.

Revenge is going to be had and it’s going to be ugly.

Sue has her evil on in this week's episode of "Glee"

Finn makes a fatal mistake and becomes the target of Sue’s hatred. Poor Finn.

My sidenote to this scene: It was both a good one and a frustrating moment in Glee. Sue’s assertion that one must hide – and thereby protect – people might be better met if it wasn’t laid out in her incredibly offensive language.  She is a bigot, and uses racist, homophobic, transphobic and generally hateful speech towards teenagers!  So, while Finn’s use of an offensive word (which he apologized for immediately, realizing his insensitivity) was cringe-worthy, it’s a drop in the Sue Sylvester ocean of nasty.  Interestingly, I think Sue’s bigotry is almost realistic – many of her mindset don’t think they’re racist (or anything else).  They just don’t want to see “it” or hear about “it” – whatever it is they find so offensive.  And they certainly don’t equate themselves with hate crimes or cross burners.

Oh, it’s complicated and rather unexplored, honestly.  Why does no one present Finn’s argument in the right way?  Frustrating, for sure.

I am now off my soapbox.

Emma tries to deny she's unhappy about the move to D.C.

For future reference, Emma is a terrible liar.

Coach Beiste goes to visit Emma – who is trying to work up some sort of enthusiasm for this D.C. move.  Which isn’t working.  Shannon points out that after hitting someone, lying in a relationship is the worse thing you can do.  Emma clearly doesn’t want to go but she refuses to change her mind.  Shannon points out that molding herself to what Will wants negates the reason he fell in love with her in the first place – he loves her because of who she is, not who he wants her to be.

(Shannon Beiste needs a promotion to McKinley Relationship Counselor post-haste.)

Mike approaches Tina in the hall.  She’s super angry – out of sight, out of mind was working very well for her.  Maybe he could have offered a warning that he was going to appear at McKinley and mess up her peace of mind?  Mike didn’t think she’d be upset to see him – which apparently was a surprise to Tina as well. Maybe she isn’t as okay with them splitting as she thought?  He tries to convince her to join the musical but to no avail.

Now, it’s call back time!  The two Dannys – Ryder and Jake – and the two Sandy’s – Marley and Kitty – have to have a sing-off to determine who gets the part.  And what better song to sing?  A nifty version of the “Grease” song “Born to Hand Jive” with bonus Mike and Mercedes.

Since the heart of the story is romance, they want to see some chemistry along with that singing and dancing.

Mercedes and Mike show the new kids how it's done.

Mercedes and Mike show the new kids how to Hand Jive.

Everyone starts off fine – there’s no clear winner until Jake and Kitty become distracted by the fun Ryder and Marley seem to be having together.  They try to upset the two, dodging in between and breaking up their dancing with nasty hip checks.  It backfires though, as they forget to focus on showing off their best skills to the “Grease” show runners.  As the full cast breaks into the dance and finishes, with a flourish, Jake is forced to watch as Marley gives Ryder a huge hug.

Oh, I think Jake might have missed out on more than the Danny role…

Finn finds Wade in the library.  He is very pleased to offer Unique the role of Rizzo – something that thrills her, even as she acknowledges his reservations and accepts his offer of protection.  She breaks down a little, pointing out that she feels out of place in the boy’s locker room and uncomfortable wearing boy’s clothing.  It’s nice to have a moment – a place – where she can have a place to be herself.  Finn knows that feeling well; he’s touched.  Is she sure she wants to take on the pressure and possible lashing out? “Dreams aren’t free” she says and my Unique love grows ten sizes.

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