Glee S4 Ep5 “The Role You Were Born To Play”

Blaine sings his sadness out in this week's episode of Glee

Despite the fact that he’s a wreck, Blaine is still someone you can count on to belt out a song to it’s fullest potential.

Annnnd we’re back! Glee’s fifth episode of the new season, which serves to introduce another new character and set us up for next week’s big “Grease” performances.

Survived the hiatus, survived the residual tears – can anyone listen to “The Scientist” without crying? (Let’s not even talk about “Teenage Dream,” okay?).

Back at McKinley, it’s been a few weeks as well. People are settling into their lives – or in the case of Finn and Blaine, the lives they’re cobbling together amidst the waves of hopelessness.

Artie goes to see Finn at Hummel’s Tire and Lube, where he’s now working.  A job in this economy is a good thing, particularly when you don’t have a degree (and shot yourself in the Army) so Finn should be happy.  Except he’s not.  He’s lost his girl, his future and now he’s officially a Lima Loser.  His one hope is a car will fall on him – it’s pretty much all he’s looking forward to.  Whoa.

Fortunately for Finn, Artie isn’t taking the woe is me speech to heart.  He considers Finn his hero and friend and he’s determined to offer him a hand up.  Finn is a creative person, he needs an outlet for that.  His solution?  Finn should come co-direct “Grease” at McKinley with him.

Finn turns him down but Artie has a back-up plan.  Show Terrorism.  If Finn doesn’t agree, Artie won’t direct and there will be no musical.  He has Olivia Newton-John strapped to his chest and he’s going to blow her up unless Finn says yes.

Auditions are tomorrow.

At the sign-up sheet, Sam signs up with Blaine at his side.  He assumes as president/vice president, they have their choice of roles.  A depressed Blaine is thinking about skipping out on the musical this year.  Since the break-up, he’s not eating, sleeping or gelling on the weekends.  The latter indicates to Sam this is serious.

Blaine’s entire future has been imploded by his indiscretion.  He and Kurt had everything planned out – retiring to Provincetown, opening up an artist colony in a lighthouse!  But now Kurt is cut off to him; no calls, no texts, the returned box set of “Gilmore Girls” – unopened.  Kurt is gone, maybe for good.  As per usual, Sam seems to get about 25% of what Blaine is saying and unfortunately, doesn’t quite understand the depth of what’s been broken here.  He tells Blaine he’ll get over it, like the rest of them have.

Left alone in the hall, Blaine breaks into a heartfelt rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” – originally sung by Olivia Newton-John in “Grease.”  The subsequent montage – walking through the halls, flipping through a Kurt-oriented scrapbook, watching football practice and happy couples – underscores the sadness of the song and Blaine’s conflict.  He’s going to keep holding on, even if it’s a lost cause, because he doesn’t know what else to do.

(By the way, if you recognize the bit as Blaine watches practice from the bleachers, it’s from the movie musical “Across the Universe” – a recommended watch!)

Blaine ends up on the McKinley stage, singing the song as his audition for “Grease” as Artie and Finn watch.  Despite his heavy heart, Blaine kills it and Artie wants Finn to say something.  He’s got nothing, so Artie speaks for them both.  Aside from him auditioning with a Sandy song, Blaine is clearly the Danny Zuko of their dreams.  Finn chimes in with an “awesome.”

The dam breaks, however.  A tearful Blaine apologizes.  He doesn’t want to let Finn down but he can’t do the part.  How can he play the lead in a romance when he destroyed his own?  Artie tries to talk him into doing something for the musical – maybe Teen Angel?  Blaine half-heartedly agrees but then wonders if he can even get through one scene before hurrying off-stage crying.

Finn seems to get upset by this whole thing.  He storms out of the auditorium with Artie in close pursuit – he can’t do this.  He’s in over his head.  But never fear says Artie; he’s called in the cavalry.  A choreographer (Mike Chang!) and a vocal coach (Mercedes Jones!) have arrived in Lima to rescue “Grease” and Finn.  The group is overjoyed to be reunited and Finn is back on track.

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