Book Trailer Released for Neil Gaiman’s New Children’s Book

Neil Gaiman has been busy busy busy with so many different projects, including a prequel to the beloved graphic novel series Sandman and a new episode of Doctor Who. He has also written a new book for children, called Chu’s Day. It’s about a baby panda that has peculiar issues with sneezing. You can watch a trailer for the new book below but prepared to die from an overdose of adorable:

Chu’s Day will be released on January 18, 2013, and it’s the first of five children’s books that Gaiman has signed on to write for Harper Collins. In other Gaiman-related news, this Wednesday, November 14, Gaiman will be speaking at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his book Stardust, and his new Doctor Who episode, featuring the Cyberman, will air in 2013.

Excited about the new book? Think you’ve seen better sneeze-acting? Let us know in the comments below!