‘The Newsroom’ Adds Patton Oswalt, Rosemarie DeWitt To S2 Cast

Warning: minor character description spoilers ahead!


Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom has added Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt as recurring characters for its second season. Oswalt will play Atlantis Cable News’ new Vice President of Human Resources, Jonas Pfeiffer, while DeWitt will play Rebecca Halliday, one of a team of lawyers defending ACN in a wrongful termination suit. The two actors recently appeared on TV together in The United States of Tara.

I’m not very familiar with DeWitt’s work, but I’m pleased to see another woman recurring guest star – and I’m a fan of Patton Oswalt, for sure! Sounds like good news all around.

Season 2 of The Newsroom will air at an as-yet-undetermined time in 2013.

Does this casting news make you more excited to watch the second season? Less excited? Let us know in the comments below!